Mo Welch’s Broke Tooth Fairy – CONAN on TBS

Published on February 26, 2019

Mo’s “tooth fairy” used to leave checks for $1.00 under her pillow – and ask Mo not to cash them until Friday.

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  • Daily Dose Of Reddit 2 years ago

    I went to a party dressed as an egg
    I met a girl dressed as a chicken. A lifelong question was answered that night.

  • Tcow G 2 years ago

    The Conan crowd laugh at everything so the fact that she barely got any tells you everything

  • RAFIKOOOO 2 years ago

    Yup, I was right … women can’t be funny

  • Ivan N 2 years ago

    ? i’m just here to leave my claps so i dont get call a facist anti woman nazi that hates blacks,
    i’m just saying this: she is as funny as all the others female comedians that Team Coco has in youtube

  • Atheistic 2 years ago

    Women aren’t funny

  • Pienimusta 2 years ago

    “Women are smart and funny get over it”

  • Kaustav Nayak 2 years ago

    Oh hey a woman comedian, you know what that means right? A bunch of middle aged, obese dudes leading unhappy lives will now start making misogynist remarks on the comments section to feel better about themselves.

  • 2Tudew 2 years ago

    Conan must have paid some of the audience to laugh.

  • True West 2 years ago

    “Anybody realize that Casper is s dead child?” I like her.

  • Alexander Miller 2 years ago

    She’s not funny at all

  • David 2 years ago

    Lame troll comments, get gud. For the rest, if you don’t like her, it’s so weak to have to tell people about it. Who cares, no body asked. Then if you want to make some grand statement about all women, try not doing on a junior comic who hasn’t honed the skill. You come across as just, dumb.

  • jessicaaaturbox3 2 years ago

    Omfg shes hilarious. Love a deadpan delivery

  • Indy HotDog 2 years ago


  • Tyler 2 years ago

    last joke was mildly humorous, everything else was just kinda boring ig? I don’t like how people say there are no funny women comedians…… I’m not even a feminist but like there has to be some just gutwrenchingly hilarious women out there right??

  • Daniel B 2 years ago

    She’s not that bad of a performer but she needs to scrap this set and write something good.

  • Sayandeep Dey 2 years ago

    Don’t care about her. Bring back Conan.

  • Yves Klein 2 years ago

    I have that syndrome that makes me reluctant to laugh comedy which is delivered by ordinary stereotypical character. Woman being woman and saying woman stuff is dull to me. Atypical and bizarre behaviour is funny. So I find her deadpan delivery, odd remarks and ironic feminine gestures entertaining.

  • MrLukesTube 2 years ago

    I wonder if she knows Dan Blewett

  • Lucario76 2 years ago

    i live 45 minutes from normal Illinois

  • Bakteria 2 years ago



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