Misty Copeland – Breaking Representation Barriers in Ballet | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on September 30, 2020

Misty Copeland talks about paving the way for more diversity in ballet, writing the children’s book “Bunheads,” collaborating with Prince and keeping dance alive during the pandemic. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MistyCopeland

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  • Sukhpal Sandhu 4 weeks ago

    Wow! 🌸 so much love and respect to both of you Trevor sir and Misty Ma’am🙆‍♀️❤🙏

  • STILL 4 weeks ago

    Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♥️ Non-Duality

  • The Weekly News Explosion 4 weeks ago

    Hello 👋

  • Steven Rice 4 weeks ago

    Love me some Misty. #teamVirgo

  • Mirela Vasile 4 weeks ago

    I’ve not watched the video yet but just from the thumbnail I was, wow, what a great match! Both Trevor and her are beautiful people but they look like they’re compatible from an esthetic point of view at least. Ok, now I’ll watch the video. :))

  • Gavin Weidner 4 weeks ago

    As someone who does not care about ballet misty copeland is actually an idol this is the first time I’ve seen her other than just hearing her name and just the genuine way she speaks and the way that compliments just her positive but realistic outlook on life is amazing

  • Berthelomeau Jérémy 4 weeks ago

    Ok are american so racist ? Is this the light? I dont get it

  • Liyma Sal 4 weeks ago

    So cute ….. they were both excited

  • Deer in Headlights 4 weeks ago

    I feel for prince that his hip was hurting/injured so bad. I wish he would’ve opted for the hip surgery and sacrificed his movement during recovery and as needed. Then he may still be here today.

  • Deer in Headlights 4 weeks ago

    This is amazing having Misty on. Thank you to you both!

  • lenny koss 4 weeks ago

    😇 thank you for all you do

  • Coquitlam Falcons 4 weeks ago

    Thank you so much. What a relieve from all the mess last night…

  • iftlatlw 4 weeks ago

    i was doing ballet for 12 years and misty is still the one ballerina i admire

  • Robert M 4 weeks ago

    Americas relevance in Ballet was on the backs of Maria Tallchief Americas first prima and the 5 moons. Sad to see that can be forgotten in a single lifetime. Then again same story with Jim Thorpe and football and track and field.

    Misty is a Goddess.

  • Ramses of RA 4 weeks ago

    Misty Copeland is Magical;Sheer poetry in motion 🤩 😘😍🥰

  • Martin Avila 4 weeks ago

    Memes instagram @memes_that_good

  • AMODEUS316 4 weeks ago

    Mainstream Media Protecting Joe Biden By Not Disclosing His Racist History
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    Where there is smoke, there is fire. The Media is doing a great disservice to all Americans, but especially Black Americans by hiding this information. Real Evil at work here.

  • Jon Havermout 4 weeks ago

    I dig Trevor’s haircut and casual style compared to when he’s presenting from the studio.

  • lizvlx 4 weeks ago

    hi there – at the Vienna State Opera, one of the most important Opera houses on the planet, we had a wonderful supercool my absolute favorite dancer who also happens to be black – her name is Nikisha Fogo – she switched to the San Francisco Ballet for the 2020/21 season. There is also another black Soloist at the Vienna Opera, her name is Rebecca Horner, https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/en/artists/opera/detail/artist/45-horner-rebecca/.

  • james lee 4 weeks ago

    Date a beautiful black woman if you really feel proud of your race NOAH. If I was that black woman your interviewing I would not go to your show because you only date exclusively white women. Date a brown skin or black skin black woman Noah, but I know you would not because you think white is beautiful and black is not. You are a pure hypocrite.


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