Misinformation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on October 11, 2021

John Oliver discusses how misinformation spreads among immigrant diaspora communities, how little some platforms have done to stop it, and, most importantly, how to have a very good morning.

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  • danger ranger 3 years ago

    I feel like john advocating for essentially censorship shows liberals have no argument.

  • Monty Kronik 3 years ago

    My uncle was a conspiracy theorist, until he died from COVID.

  • ruanfernando 3 years ago

    “die as po rah” I had never seen “immigrant” pronounced like that

  • Leaf Elvan 3 years ago

    I’m Honduran, I can tell you the amount of misinformation that you find in Facebook is ridiculous and don’t even get me started on WhatsApp forwards, there’s so many messages from people claiming to be doctors telling you things like “drinking hot water kills the virus”… My grandmother sends me at least a dozen of those every day… It’s so bad that when my mom first told me there was a virus going around back at the start of it the first thing I asked her was “is that true or is it something you read on Facebook/WhatsApp?”
    Also you can use Facebook without internet here, if you turn on data even if you don’t have any you can access a free version that just doesn’t show you images

  • Soumil Roy 3 years ago

    My dad’s friends forwarded a video of Donald Trump punching a guy who is alleged to be the governor of Mexico (dafuq?). Being an ex-WWE fan, I realized it was Vince Mcmahon (also a buddy of Trump). I sent him the full context, which he forwarded to his group. I realized if I hadn’t fact checked that message, a group of highly experienced doctors would have genuinely thought the US President was punching a Mexican official. John’s misinformation critique barely scratches the surface.

  • WhiteNoise0093 3 years ago

    Right now there are quite a few discussions going on about Thailand’s teenagers on TikTok who are refusing the COVID vaccines.

    One one hand it’s disturbing that our comments are using western Antivaxxer’s talking points. But on the other hand, our government have suddenly switched vaccines to the useless Sinovac without telling people before, and there are people whispering that the government is manipulating numbers with quite a few slip-ups noticed.

  • Fred Garvin 3 years ago

    Misinformation will not be solved by less information.

  • Eris 3 years ago

    Yo, John Oliver, ever thought of buying ad time on FoxNews?

  • Nathaniel Clark 3 years ago

    I believed because of you John that Hydroxychloroquine was like shooting bleach when it is also highly effective. I was completely against anything Trump like but when you see FDA blatantly lieing about Ivermectin knowing good and god damn well that its one of the safest medicines worldwide and cheapest. Not only are they politically biased but obviously the side they represent is shrouded in conspiracy. If u can’t even ponder this virus being created you probably not much for critical thinking.

  • ms sage 3 years ago

    The people of the world were much smarter before the internet came along. Since the internet came along people are only interested in soaking up nastiness. Our children are being taught by internet. When the internet goes down, their education disappears along with it. It’s all left on the internet. Nothing sticks to the brain, because nothing was ever really learned.

  • Chompskyhonk 3 years ago

    We don’t need to stop saying stupid shit, we need to stop doing stupid shit in response to the stupid shit that we are saying…I’m high obviously

  • Sule Iman 3 years ago

    Generally FOX news. Why FOX news? Many missionaries coming to Africa are white Conservative Americans who just copy paste their perspective of America and the world to local people. So after digesting hours of FOX garbage on YouTube, guess what is regurgitated on WhatsApp groups in terms of forwarded messages and “prayer points” . Nothing was as annoying as trying to discuss Trump with a well educated preacher who believes that he was a God fearing man under attack from secular world and China

  • McHatin 3 years ago

    Its not misinformation. It one side pushing to have control so they can push what they call the truth.

  • colly beans 3 years ago

    How does john oliver ignore the misinformation of mainstream media fox cnn msnbc ect when doing a story like this one?? Cherrypicking??

  • Jason Mortimer 3 years ago

    Didn’t Fauci tell us all to not wear masks. Do you remember idiots? Maybe we should ban him. No we shouldn’t free speech is more important than misinformation. Grow up Jon.

  • Sophia Rehman 3 years ago

    This is some disgusting authoritarianism

  • Angel Carrillo 3 years ago

    This is great! Now can you provide this video in any non-English language?

  • tweetyericsson 3 years ago



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