Milo Ventimiglia Calls Out His This Is Us Co-Stars for Worrying About His Directing

Published on January 25, 2020

Milo Ventimiglia talks about the time he used to let Penn Badgley borrow his ID to get into bars underage and playfully calls out Chrissy Metz and Susan Kelechi Watson for worrying about him getting behind the camera to direct a This Is Us episode.

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  • fani kapa 4 weeks ago

    He ages like a fine wine

  • Saim Sidd 4 weeks ago

    Miguel was right he looks like 70s pornstar but in a very beautiful way!

  • rgnestle 4 weeks ago

    Jerk helped someone break the law? I repeat: JERK!!!

  • Lucas Azeredo 4 weeks ago

    Are we really ignoring that he looks like a 80’s Miami Cop, that is in a major drug case, and drives a Mustang?

  • Wareesha Ahmed 4 weeks ago

    Milo can get it, always

  • The YUSRAH Show 4 weeks ago

    I could grow a moustache, have 4 kids trailing me, use a walking stick, smell musty as all hell and STILL get ID checked every where I go ??‍♂️
    Fr though, I’m trying to help folks of all ages make life gains… Please help me grow my platform 🙂

  • MrsBungle78 4 weeks ago

    Damn, he’s fine. He just gets better & better…& better…!?

  • Franny Becker 4 weeks ago

    Bom dia! saudações ?? Desejo que seu sábado venha cheio de alegrias para ?
    Obrigada por mais um ótimo vídeo ? ? muitos beijos com carinho Love ♥️

  • Rebecca Salvatierra 4 weeks ago

    I already saw this once in the last 30 minutes let me just do it again and again and again because MILO VENTIMIGLIA IS WORTh IT lmao

  • NaMjOoNs PrInCeSs 4 weeks ago

    I personally hate the stache. ?

  • jerlands 4 weeks ago

    how fortunate.. directing your own love story…

  • Claudia Villatoro 4 weeks ago

    He is beautiful!!! But you can tell he is getting older, his neck and forehead are showing.

  • Geckomayhem 4 weeks ago

    I miss Heroes…

  • Sam 4 weeks ago

    Ah Jess…. hope you and Rory get back together.

  • TWISTED 4 weeks ago

    One of the first

  • Raj 4 weeks ago

    You’re an O.G. if you remember him from that one episode of Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell.

  • Joe G 4 weeks ago

    “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

  • Vicky Bogdan 4 weeks ago

    God, he`s handsome!

  • Martiina91 4 weeks ago

    Grow a beard, Milo. 😉 It looks even more manly than the stache. OMG how much I love Jack Pearson with his beard!

  • ActionLegend 4 weeks ago

    Him and sly need to make more films together


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