Mila Kunis Thought “Winnie-The-Pooh” Was Russian | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on October 5, 2022

For the majority of her life, Mila thought that “Winnie-The-Pooh” originated in Russia. Plus, Mila and Sona bond over Cheburashka. Hear more from this episode @

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  • ForceSmart 4 months ago

    Winnie the Pooh is actually Chinese.

  • Jason Jardine 4 months ago

    I’m questioning the elementary public school that I attended had a 20-30ft steel slide in a playground at the school, an area called climber’s court. It was steep, very fast and it flattened out at the bottom, launching kids off the end. What was really interesting was that in winter, naturally it would freeze. Didn’t matter. Kids went down that thing faster. I grew up in Canada, too. So it wasn’t just communist, eastern European countries that had death traps!

  • MissJuly 4 months ago

    ngl i would watch a whole lot of Sona and Mila just hanging out

  • Mohammed bassaev 4 months ago

    soviet cartoons have so much philosophical depth, I’m an Arab-Chechen mix, and both my parents are not fans of russia, yet they still let us watch Cheburashka, Gena, pogodi, and hedgehog in the fog,,,,

  • reb1138 4 months ago

    The Simpsons did a bit on this – search for “worker and parasite” on Youtube

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12 4 months ago

    LMAO that ending.

  • sepitheroth 4 months ago

    But even in the 1970s, 1980s the giant metal slides/swing sets of my youth are all gone. No one would put their kids on them today.

  • MitochondriaRock 4 months ago

    Where’s the Sona/Mila Podcast?

  • Ada Ramirez 4 months ago

    This video is the best!

  • Tony Marselle 4 months ago

    Please Conan don’t make this your next show. I really want a travel show or something on HBO.

  • J Abesames 4 months ago

    4:31 you know she’s immersed in childhood memories because her “Yes” sounds very accented 😅

  • W 4 months ago

    Winnie the Pooh doesn’t originate from USA either tho lol

  • Mister Guy 4 months ago

    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Abby Roy 4 months ago

    This whole episode was so funny. It’s so clear that Mila and Conan are ACTUALLY friends and it was such a blast to listen to. 😊

  • Rob Pine 4 months ago

    I loved that Sona and Mila connected like this!

  • Rob Pine 4 months ago

    The way Conan reacts to when Sona and Mila start going back and forth about the Soviet toys 😂

  • M. Rod VonHugenstein 4 months ago

    I love Mila Kunis. She just seems so genuine and down to earth.

    You haven’t lived until you’ve flown on a Ukrainian Airline. I flew from New York to Kiev 6 or 7 years ago and I honestly thought I was going to die. It’s exactly how Conan described. None of the bins were closed. People were out of their seats. During the taxiing. The crew seemed ambivalent to most everything. On top of all that the plane was an old 757 that probably should have been retired 20 years before my flight.

  • Radiac 4 months ago

    Trivia fact: Winnie-the-Pooh was originally neither American nor Russian. Winnie first appeared in a childrens’ book written by English author A. A. Milne in 1927.

  • merrivideo 4 months ago

    Metal slides are the best. We used to have then very steeped in my country, the angle is smaller now.

  • Mark Alexander Maron 4 months ago

    The genius of conan in this interview. The way he couldnt follow the conversation at 2:40 and let sona take the helm and interject comedy in proper timing. This conversation is so organic and wholesome


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