Mila Kunis On Supporting Ukraine | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on October 3, 2022

Mila talks to Conan about her personal connection to the war in Ukraine.
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  • sali 4 months ago

    Conan I absolutely love you but there is one thing you did that was wrong in my eyes. You talked about supporting Ukraine and standing up for them but your approach was very different when you went to Palestine. You didn’t think about standing up for those people? You were having a time of your life by floating in the dead sea in Jerusalem and playing a creep to Gal Gadot. You shouldn’t only stand up for countries that you have friends from. You have a platform to be vocal and you should support everyone who needs a support.

  • Kathryn Libbey 4 months ago

    Watching her explain logistics is so calming.

  • Sarine Karajian 4 months ago

    While the country where Sona is originally from is also being invaded, but noone is talking about it 💔

  • Jerome Faria 4 months ago


  • notyourcontent 4 months ago

    This was a great episode really, my favorite part is when Mila and Sona bonded over having Soviet toys and Conan just being flummoxed by the unfamiliarity of it all.

  • Alvin John Ventura 4 months ago

    Mila Kunis is making a lot of profound points and I agree with all of them. But whenever I close my eyes and listen, there’s a voice inside me that says, “Shut up, Meg!”

  • Flying Chong 4 months ago

    Maybe the reason we don’t hear about other wars in American media is because idk… we started a lot of these wars. The USA has been a MUCH bigger threat to diplomacy and peace than Russia has. It’s just a fact. And no, Putin didn’t pay me to say that.

  • Sugar Wolf 4 months ago

    I sent $100 to the Ukrainian armed forces right when the invasion started. Wasn’t in the best place to donate it, but I wanted to. Did it help anything? I’d hope it did, even a little bit.

  • A 4 months ago

    So lovely Americans just nuke Russia so we all blown our self up

  • fischkopf 4 months ago

    The problem is that our own country is under attack by Christian fundamentalists slipping into government and decision-making positions that are taking away Women’s rights, and are now eyeing voting rights – I feel bad for Ukraine, but we are in a situation that we need to put the oxygen mask first before helping others.

  • Hitlow 4 months ago

    My God she is so beautiful.

  • Dan Wesche 4 months ago

    Mila nailed it

  • Ivan Zhao 4 months ago

    Z slava Russia

  • Iwantmymtv 4 months ago

    Very good to see that some in the US realize how serious this conflict is. Putin and his communist allies are very dangerous for the whole world. Not just for Europe.

  • Jonathan Cruz 4 months ago

    Mila always impresses me, she is quite a woman

  • Lawrence Marshalian 4 months ago

    She’s right on the money in all areas. Can’t help but think about not only Iran not getting enough attention, but also the scary and reoccurring conflict against Armenia by the hands of Azerbaijan. I wish there was some space to talk about Armenia, since it doesn’t seem to be too relevant to so many people, even though the stakes of the situation can have a horrible outcome for Armenia and all of it’s people. In all cases, this podcast is the best and I am so happy that Conan had this conversation.

  • C Kelmrun 4 months ago

    Mila Kunis is a chill chum through and through. Accurate on the state of attention economy. It’s bad when the roman style bread circuses win out.

  • Megan Stevenson 4 months ago

    The way they are all staring so intently at her is a sign of her charisma and intelligence

  • HansGruber 4 months ago

    Freedom is not free


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