Mila Kunis Is Glad She Didn’t Grow Up With Social Media | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on October 3, 2022

Plus, Conan talks about how he recently “ghosted” Mila.

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  • MJ W 4 months ago

    Love her!

  • Delavan 4 months ago

    Cannot take the forced laughter for more than about 10 seconds. Might be tolerable if it weren’t for the heavy video editing (especially the constant switching to catch the laughing person). There is nothing relaxing about watching this. I’ve watched much of Conan’s work over the years but this is just too heavily produced, edited, whatever the word for it is.

  • Jeff Ehren 4 months ago

    I would love to see a Mila & Sona podcast.

  • David Alvarado 4 months ago

    5:24 Conan, it’s pronounced jift.🥸

  • DoYouEvenPancake 4 months ago

    Mila Kunis is hot

  • Logicat 4 months ago

    She looks different with every interview.

  • Current Vista Productions 4 months ago

    The whole “going through the machine” feels exactly like being a public school teacher now days. Keyword being public. Except, your pay is crappy, most teachers I know don’t get paid during their summers and still have to work hard when we have “time off”. All while dealing with this infinite balance of taking disrespect from some kids and all of those behaviors and still trying to be positive. It’s incredibly exhausting. You have to WANT to be a teacher to make a full fledge career out of it. I can only imagine if it’s the same thing for actors

  • This Design Life 4 months ago

    After listening to this for so long, it’s weird to watch. I imagined they’d all be on big settees.

  • Carina 4 months ago

    I guess Andy Richter and Lisa Kudrow are merely pen pals

  • TheMJ5779 4 months ago

    I’ve seen a decent amount of tonight show interviews and Mika kunis is the Angelina Jolie of Ukrainian television that didn’t make sense but the sentiment is in there

  • Derrick Parker 4 months ago

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  • Derrick Parker 4 months ago

    yea i completely forgot there is sumo, and you can’t have sex with lots of JAV stars, lots of lucious white skinned japanese women, plus the sushi isn’t bad

  • Ahmad Jamal Mughal 4 months ago


  • The Midnight Show 4 months ago

    Im suprised to hear Conan say that because his first episode at Late Night he seemed coked out his brain. Guess it was just nerves.

  • OutFreak28 4 months ago

    My waifu is getting old

  • Jesus Walks 4 months ago

    2:00 conan unknowing described Aubrey plaza

  • So It Goes 4 months ago

    She’s done coke.

  • David Koch 4 months ago

    Great interview….but now I want Conan to interview the character Meg Griffin (in character).

  • GHETTI 4 months ago

    Conan is so real and honest, loved seeing him live

  • A G 4 months ago

    Mila IRL is so confusing because Meg is so ugly and gross…. my head is spinning


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