Mike Rubens Finds Out Why America is Losing Its Religion

Published on November 11, 2021

“With a growing portion of Americans self-identifying as atheists, agnostics, or “nones,” Mike Rubens travels to “Sin City” to try and understand what this departure from organized religion means for our society…and our souls.

This piece was produced by Mike Rubens with Annie Kopp and edited by Daphne Gomez-Mena.

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  • Penny Lane 1 year ago

    I see your point but you can’t blame anyone for not believing in fairy tales anymore.

  • Wilson & Wombat 1 year ago

    Religion should be banned.

  • Erin Rising 1 year ago

    you changed the outro!?!

  • Asha Self 1 year ago

    People decided to stop feeding their kids to pedos. Humans are gross and any organisation that allows power over children runs the risk but religion is grossly proficient at it🤮.

  • Robert McGlinchey 1 year ago

    (at 5:16) is the Palisades Presbyterian Church in NY. As a kid my mom walked there almost every Sunday. She married my Dad there in 1946 and had his funeral there in 2004, hers 2017. For her it was singing, sermon and sisterhood.

  • Unicorn Vic 1 year ago

    Keep our Spirit!

  • Rifki N R 1 year ago

    this is the most conservative and one-sided piece I’ve seen so far from Samantha Bee. That pastor has no right to be called a scientist.

  • N3SSTOR 1 year ago

    Where is my REM joke?

  • aikicod1 1 year ago

    Jesus was a Jew. He was religious but he never went to church. He would be shocked to see what people have done with his teachings. Religions are socio-political power nodes that, by their very nature, have nothing to do with spirituality. They claim to be spiritually centered in order to attract those who seek a more divine experience. It is no accident that sales training is based upon creating need. “The customer doesn’t know that he needs this car. Once I create the need for him I will close the deal.” The capitalistic element of our democracy is a con game. Unfettered Capitalism is the greatest threat to our democracy. More and more Americans are becoming spiritual and rejecting religion. The Americans that adhere to Communist doctrine are vastly outnumbered by their looney-tune evangelical counterparts. Idealistic fairytales are impossible to live by without losing ones foothold in reality. More and more we are looking within for the path out of the insanity that confronts us on a daily basis. Jesus, the little brown carpenter, would probably remind us that it is the message that is important, not the messenger. As usual, God created us in his image, and we returned the favor.

  • J Schatz 1 year ago

    I understand when he says he’s worried that without organized religion there wouldn’t be food pantries & other outreach but as a “none” (or agnostic) I donate my time & try to volunteer when I can. I know other nones who do so as well.

  • LovingBeast 1 year ago

    It’s about time that people stopped believing in fairy tales to save them. Now, if we could stop believing the fairy tales told to us by the political parties the US might actually be a far better country as we learn how to be a community again without a belief in a god driving people to be kind to each other.

  • E. Pluribus Unum 1 year ago

    How about we use the government for what it’s supposed to do and take care of us all instead of relying on the fickle hand of charity. This guy is a Republican shill.

  • Pantera Equis 1 year ago

    “Pastor thinks fewer people going to church is bad”
    Yeah, and coal barons don’t support investment in green energy. Whatever, man.

  • darren irwin 1 year ago

    Objectively you could argue that in the information age we are more informed even intelligent ( that may be a stretch for Americans ) and we are able to everything from any perspective without the constraints of localised information and local influence. We can follow the money trail, the corruption, the tax avoidance and the many excesses of those who have parasitically lived off the the ignorance and generosity of the gullible and faithful. We don’t all see the deception and greed but generation after generation have had enough cynical outcomes and contradictions bourn out that religion no longer has the hold of fear of consequence and social clout. Time we stood up and faced reality and left superstitions and worship where they belong in the history of humankind and societal evolution. Miracles have an unfortunate habit of being here say and unprovable.

  • Elijah Cumpton 1 year ago

    Wait…so has anyone tried lobbying the GOP for fair employment issues on the basis that a stable 5 or 4 day work week that can pay the bills would make it easier for people to go to church? 🤔

    Really enjoyed this piece, and definitely going to buy Burge’s book.

  • pluvia33 1 year ago

    It’s a little annoying that “none” is phonetically similar to “nun”…. Also, if the far-right hadn’t spent the last few decades co-opting Christianity, maybe so many moderate and left-leaning people wouldn’t have been pushed out to become “spiritual but not religious” type nones.

  • Doyle Shipman 1 year ago

    It’s over rated, I’m a Preacher’s kid

  • Schmusan 2021 1 year ago

    Pass that plate


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