Mike Pence: Wine, Dine And Reset Gender Norms To ’69

Published on March 31, 2017

Stephen takes a big, juicy bite into the news that Mike Pence refuses to dine alone with women who aren’t his wife.

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  • Phillip Timothy 2 years ago

    If you’re reading this, I hope you have an awesome day/night! and if not, know there’s always tomorrow!

    just some positive words from a small YouTuber!

  • Ezra Chavez 2 years ago

    that Ezra makin all Ezras look bad

  • Habiba KB 2 years ago

    Is there a conversation therapy for racist homophobic sexist cunts and can we sign Mike Pence in?

  • gunmeet grewal 2 years ago

    The yeast is not he only thing rising…..??

  • I feel It 2 years ago

    Mike pence is worse than trump to me because he actually has a higher IQ. Trump is a bird brain.. So hopefully they both get impeached after Flynn rats guys out

  • Ashwath Ganeshan 2 years ago

    Dont take me wrong guys, Maybe Donald Trump likes having Ivanka next to him in White House where his wife is not present as off now

  • Jesse Reece 2 years ago

    ?? the US is a shit show! My application for permanent citizenship for Germany was accepted. Peace, y’all!

  • Mohammed Alhussasin 2 years ago

    if Putin is a war criminal, then what do u call George Bush??????? or because he’s an American, he get a pass!!

  • Mal c.H 2 years ago

    I can’t wait to go to a conversion camp with all the other lesbians, I could make so many more gay friends. I mean I’m trying to be positive about this

  • champjklccmk1 2 years ago

    At 2:38, you just branded President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines a War Criminal. Why no George Bush? Seriously?

  • grabmebev 2 years ago

    Mike “Wine, Dine And Reset Gender Norms To ’69” Pence

    get it right colbert :^)

  • Pol anonymous 2 years ago

    Nunes’ source: Tonald Drump and Beve Sannon

  • slientkill li 2 years ago

    these cheap shots at pence was pretty low tbh.

  • Laverne Blaszczyk 2 years ago

    so basically just sees women as sexual objects….or mothers…..the madonna/whore mentality, jeebus this guy really is from the fifties

  • fidorover 2 years ago

    Karen Pence’s vibrator has 4 settings: “High” — “Medium” — “Low” and “Mike Pence.”

  • Jason Bean 2 years ago

    glad I stopped by.:)

  • Kiki Lula 2 years ago

    Ivanca helps Trump with his Dementia. And she helps the Trump family with cashing in as long as his Presidency lasts…

  • ElNingyou 2 years ago

    Mike Pence is the product of a Pure Flix screenwriter’s twisted imagination who accidentally got zapped into our world through some failed magic experiment.

  • Jay Torraso 2 years ago

    Trump = The agent of change for America…keyword: AGENT

  • Jason Blade 2 years ago

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    Steve Bannon internet history: how to summon Cthulhu
    Sean Spicer internet history: spectacular way to suicide
    Mike Pence internet history: grindr anonymous mode


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