Mike Lindell Vows Trump 2021 Reinstatement

Published on August 26, 2021

When Mike Lindell encourages Trump supports to fight for his reinstatement in 2021, his MyPillow retaliates.

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  • Chelsea French 4 weeks ago

    Remember when republicans called dems sore losers when trump won? They told us that he won and we had to either except it or move out of the USA? Yeah good times.

  • Un Deadly 4 weeks ago

    what happened to the August reinstatement? imbeciles

  • Abraxas Voice 4 weeks ago

    He said 2020…PENDEJO!!!😂😂😂😂

  • blameiton CARTMAN 4 weeks ago

    Mike Lindell really does put the CON in CONservative

  • Randy Fuentes 4 weeks ago

    Donald Chump and RepublicanT’s are treasonous.  Donald Chump and the RepublicanT’s are responsible for the terrorists attack on January 6th. Paid seals to clap in the background

  • Kendra VanBurkleo 4 weeks ago

    Hey Mike, your coke dealer called. He wants his money..🙄

  • gilbert punzalan 4 weeks ago

    This is why we shouldn’t mess with cocaine folks.

  • joshfactor1 4 weeks ago

    don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?

  • Tim's Foyle 4 weeks ago

    The one good thing of going to hell, is that Lindell will finally know if it freezes down there, when Trump gets reinstated.

  • phildirt3 4 weeks ago

    Giant sack of fertilizer

  • Daniel Omane 4 weeks ago

    SATAN (ALSO KNOWN AS DEVIL OR LUCIFER) IS EXPOSED!!!!! Hell was created for Satan and his fallen Angels(Matthew 25:41 AND 2Peter 2:4).Satan and his fallen Angels fought God’s angels to overthrow God but were defeated and were thus thrown out of heaven to the earth(Isaiah14:12-14 AND Revelation 12:7-10).Satan and his fallen Angels will be thrown into hell to be tormented 24/7 for ever and ever(Revelation 20:10 AND Jude 1:7).Satan and his fallen Angels want you to join them suffer in hell even though you were not part of the coup makers(Revelations 20:10-15).Satan, and for that matter his fallen Angels stand condemned by God and hence do not have any chance of repentance(John 16:11).Fortunately, you and I have up to minutes before our death to repent just like the criminal on the right side of Jesus on the cross (Luke 23:39-43) WHY NOT REPENT NOW AND GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS?Since you don’t know how and when you will die, my brother or sister, THE TIME TO REPENT IS NOW AND GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS!!!

  • Mario G. Cardiel 4 weeks ago

    Every time Lindell speaks all I hear is “If I only had a brain (that was not a lumpy pillow)”.

  • Greg Bors 4 weeks ago

    December 14th / January 6th / January 20th / March 4th / August 13th
    Those are the dates (so far) when Trump was supposed to be “reinstated.”
    Uh… so, the sixth time’s the charm (?)

  • Sheila Sanford 4 weeks ago

    Why is anyone giving this clown airtime.

  • I Dropped A Deuce On Trump's Toupée 4 weeks ago

    Let’s see: March 4th, August 13th, and August 20th have all come & gone without Trump being reinstated. Could there be a trend going on here? Or could it have something to do with the fact that there is no such thing as “reinstatement” to begin with? I sure can’t find anything in The Constitution that provides for such a phenomenon. *🙄😆😊🤣🐵🐑🤡*

  • sfisabbt 4 weeks ago

    Wait, did he slip root for Hilary at some point?

  • NullReferenceException 4 weeks ago

    Can we take a moment and appreciate the slight head movements as the pillow whacks him. Animators got skills.

  • Paloma Carter 4 weeks ago

    Oh the world must be in year NEVERMIND & NEVERTHELESS, pre-2021.


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