Mike Lindell Fails to File Big SCOTUS Case He Promised by Thanksgiving: A Closer Look

Published on November 24, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the January 6 committee subpoenaing another round of Trump allies as multiple investigations of the former president and his inner circle intensify.

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  • seattlegrrlie 2 years ago

    Pull it while you squeeze it

  • Max Dakota 2 years ago

    I liked your pandemic isolation without an audience. It sounds as if you now have a laugh track.

  • Mark Mac 2 years ago

    Roger Stone looks like Judge Doom. youre welcome, Seth.

  • Patoren 3gou 2 years ago

    Next he’ll be telling us to file a lawsuit by New Year’s

  • michael Steven 2 years ago

    9:11 LOL A COLLAPSE IN THE RULE OF LAW?! oh my god so you mean now the law applies to everyone equally?! what is this world coming to?! you mean just us rich delusional trump supporting weirdos aren’t above the law anymore? how could that be? where’s Giuliani when you need him? oh that’s right he’s shaving at the dinner table while his hear is leaking and now he’s disbarred so he’s slightly more useless than before.

  • f1s2hg3 2 years ago

    All the Trump people are weird

  • cokesquirrel 2 years ago

    Not being sarcastic, What was the reason behind the formation of presidential pardons? And for this next question I suppose it depends on your political views But have they always been this widely abused

  • Ibin Shkamed 2 years ago

    Some people complain about too much government overreach and object to the government telling people what they can or can’t do. Will these same people object to being told who can or cannot vote? Democrats wanted a mask over your mouth for your health and the health of others. Republicans want to put a gag in your mouth in order to stifle your voice and prevent an unfavorable vote. Does “One nation under GOP…” sound good to you? Vote BLUE in 2022. All the way down the ballot.

  • Natahanna B. (Pokie) 2 years ago

    Ya know, after almost 2 years, 4 heart attacks, 2 bouts of covid, 47 days in the icu, stuck in another state for 5 months around nobody I knew becuz of covid and I’ve gotta tell you, SETH MEYERS, YOU SAVED MY LIFE! YOU, SETH MEYERS, KEPT ME LAUGHING, AND SERIOUSLY, THAT IS WHAT KEPT ME ALIVE. I LOVE YOU FOR ALL THE LAUGHTER & LOVE!

  • Dale 2 years ago

    God MSNBC is horrible. Just as crappy as fox.


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