Migrants Get Pepper-Sprayed at the U.S. Border | The Daily Show



  • Donald Trump 2 years ago

    Just like I expected, not one mention of Obama using pepper spray. ?

  • krazieman69 2 years ago

    Why isn’t there any coverage of the Central Americans who turned down asylum offers from Mexico?

  • Asad1969 2 years ago

    David (as) killed Goliath by stoning him. The Bible is clear on migrants. Satan is manifest through bringing Goliath against the migrants. The Faithful must choose between satan and God’s Word. All Christians must recognize God’s sign that Goliath cannot secure any borders that God opens for them. Man will be returned to God and judged, so do not let a sinner convince you that his laws are valid. Only God’s Law is valid. Peace.

  • Denneth Allen 2 years ago

    I would like to see the nacho guy get papper spray ..u now like a guinea pig

  • Mariano Quiroz 2 years ago

    Fuckin hilarious #Fosho

  • Sadiq Ali 2 years ago

    Ayy carumaba! It’s as if trying to go through a militarized border illegally was a bad idea

  • D. Eiternick 2 years ago

    Mhhhh Pepperspray… Yummy. Want to see someone stupid enough to taste it? Yes, theres a video about it… /watch?v=AjrRk_ITnAI

  • Jessica DeNittis 2 years ago

    “You could actually put it on your nachos and eat it.”
    Never in history have so many layers of racism been packed into one single sentence with such innocent words. Sounds like a conversation you’d hear at a barbeque, yet it intricately racist as shit.

  • kt t 2 years ago

    team itma

  • Marcos Zarate 2 years ago

    Bro if you were that hungry & broke and had nothing to loose… you would do the same and migrate to try to find food, work, peace else where. I agree acting violently to get what you want isn’t the right way. But lets be honest, doing things the legal right way through the U.S. MXO border isn’t gunna be a solution for 8,000 migrants from Central America. Cuz let’s just say all of them DID proceed with that process, the U.S. would only accept 1,000. USA doesn’t want them and there goal is to make it into the United States. So with that said there gunna do it the violent criminal way.

  • Fang Fend 2 years ago

    Bottom line, they are breaking the law!

  • Tony Vega 2 years ago

    Mexican had always hate it Central America

  • Tokarev 2 years ago

    The only other time from history, I recall a bunch of people throwing stones at government officials, was at Boston against a few British guards, even they showed restraint, when human rights back then included slavery and no voting rights for women, but it eventually was known as the Boston Massacre. We all know which side came out better in history then.

  • Manfred H 2 years ago

    Don’t try to break a country’s laws by forcing yourself through a border. We latin Americans do that with our borders and with aggressive protestors. Tear gas wont kill you. You know what can kill you? Having a negligent mother that uses you as a prop while crossing through some of the most dangerous areas of latin America. From the USA it looks all sad and relatable. From Latin America everyone is pissed off at the fact that such “desperate” and “hungry” people somehow have time to turn dowj assylum offers in Guatemala and Mexico and the strength to force their way unlawfully acrose borders.
    Deport them, tear gas them. Break the law, pay the price.

  • CezaMVO 2 years ago

    America demonizes us but continues to make profit off of our culture. I understand there are laws and rules, but what good are those laws if they dont apply to everyone equally?

  • MUHAMMAD SALEEM 2 years ago


  • jeff wolf 2 years ago

    Technically we have four borders we have the east coast,, the West Coast, the South, and the north they’re all borders.

  • Bo Hogland 2 years ago

    Why can’t the USA make room for a couple of thousand immigrants? Is the USA totally bankrupt and can’t afford it?

  • Logan 2 years ago

    I love how we pay so much attention to things that are clearly staged to further separate the people. It’s sad how many sheep there are.


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