Michelle Obama x Colbert – EXTENDED INTERVIEW

Published on November 15, 2022

Former First Lady Michelle Obama joins Stephen Colbert for a wide-ranging conversation that includes a peek into the Obama family’s private life, her thoughts on the Jan 6th insurrection, and the message to young people contained in her new book, “The Light We Carry,” which is available everywhere now. #Colbert #MichelleObama #Obama #TheLightWeCarry

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  • Micah Hill 1 year ago

    “Fear is the mind killer!” I wish more people caught that one!

  • ur22much2 1 year ago

    I know that fear, my first art Gallery show, I was terrified, I had to work thru almost paralyzing fear, I can’t explain why, and believe me, i have thought about it many times.

  • roundknittles 1 year ago

    What a remarkable woman!

  • bonnie43uk 1 year ago

    She is the epitome of everything that is good about America. .. from a concerned Englishman in the UK.. the world is in a mess, but we can get through this.

  • Jay Jay 1 year ago

    Such a drastic difference from the Obama administration and all others in the last 40 years .

  • Sarah Grace 1 year ago

    Michelle Obama is like a warm, safe, familiar hug.

  • John Browne 1 year ago

    At this point Colbert’s guests are all Democrats.

  • Bob Ross 1 year ago

    Prop A Ganda

  • Edward Low 1 year ago

    it is so true
    First Lady, published author

    sons are mom’s favorite

  • ron4640 1 year ago


  • Viriathus 1 year ago

    Big Mike keeping it down on late night!

  • Kathryn L 1 year ago

    This woman is a national treasure. I’m so happy you had her on and look forward to reading her new book.

  • Maggie Franks 1 year ago

    Mdm Michelle is the most intelligent, well spoken of all the president’s wives in American history. Her beauty and grace is on par with Jackie O and Princess Diana. She continues to inspire

  • eleanor wittering 1 year ago

    Thank you for saying, “Yes!,” Michelle!

  • Ed Kasper 1 year ago

    Michelle Obama 2024!!!!!

  • Ginger McIntosh 1 year ago

    She would be a great Presidential candidate.

  • Rfj Noel 1 year ago

    capitalism is fine, however without morals and ethics ……its exploitation! simple !! buy low sell high as possible!, ? no matter the cost to society !!!! a recipe for disaster………freedom in society does not mean you can drive your car anyway you want ! rules for order in our lives apply to the road and to commerce!! same thing obviously


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