Michelle Obama On The Obama’s Upcoming Netflix Projects – CONAN on TBS

Published on September 23, 2020

Former First Lady Michelle Obama confirms whether or not a Netflix stand-up special is in the works for President Obama.

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  • Jameson Newhouse 5 months ago

    So umm wasnt Netflix canceled

  • Daniel 5 months ago

    War criminal family which backstabbed Sanders movement for peace

  • NoNoNo 5 months ago

    The Obamas and democrats in bed with the company that brought you “Cuties”…

  • Uncle Iroh 5 months ago

    21st comment hahahahaha suckers

  • Victoria Mella 5 months ago

    Netflix has a soft core child porn pedophile movie on it that they refuse to take down. At this point, anybody who openly promotes Netflix or their show on Netflix knowing this situation makes me raise my eyebrow……

  • NeonDarkness 5 months ago

    Freaking vote blue no matter who folks are nuts. Neo liberals lead us to this moment and her husband is a war criminal who committed crimes against humanity! This is disgusting. Both Democrats and Republicans are beyond being fixed and this is the privileged class telling us we need to vote blue no matter who….. nah it’s time for change. #DemExit

  • Aty Pical 5 months ago

    Michelle Obama is always smiling and so confident. As the former First Lady, she was always trying to make a difference for children. I miss that!

  • Fred Perry 5 months ago

    Anyone else love Michael?

  • Ke Tho 5 months ago

    Secret Service: I guess we have free today…
    NSA: I guess we have a long work day..

  • Umair 5 months ago

    Barack Obama could quite easily have been a phenomenal standup comedian

  • Blue Homer 5 months ago

    Unreal so greedy they will stand ground on Cutie Hill. I’m also disappointed in Conan.

  • Andron Hill 5 months ago

    I’m embarrassed to call myself part of the YouTube or Team Coco community if this comment section is filled with actual fans of his barking this kind of garbage.

    A strong black woman is trying to get people to go out and vote (you know express their freedom in America) and is promoting her husband’s Netflix special. The overwhelming response, to tear her down, are comments about her being transgender which is being used as an insult.

    Further, that use of being transgender as an insult will surely cause pain to any transgendered people (and their supporters) who come through to see a new video by Conan but instead have to deal with the horrid comments here.

    If you really believe that America or the world is in a better place now than it was before, this comment section should be proof that it isn’t.

    This isn’t about cancel culture or freedom of speech. It’s about striving to be a decent human being. Even if Michelle Obama was transgendered, which I don’t believe she is, that wouldn’t make her any less extraordinary as a person or her message any weaker. Being transgender is not an insult, don’t use it as one.

  • Daun Demarco 5 months ago

    Please Conan, the hair, wtf did you do to yourself. It was your super power, it made you funny, and now it’s just not the same. We love you man, please fix your hair, make it like it was before, and if your wife made you do it, divorce her lol.

  • Steven Hartshorn 5 months ago


  • Destiny Burt 5 months ago

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Jasonups5 5 months ago


  • Mark Roper 5 months ago

    Michele looking like a snack

  • TheKijib 5 months ago

    Obama sold us out to wallstreet and gave us Trump

  • 3lement2010 5 months ago

    Never understood people’s obsession with what’s in Michelle’s pants. They’ve been so obsessed for years and it’s quite disturbing to be honest. Not sure what they’re trying to prove

  • pablex13 5 months ago

    you lost a life time fan coco, sad day.


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