Michelle Obama: Every Vote Absolutely Matters – CONAN on TBS

Published on September 23, 2020

Former First Lady Michelle Obama talks about the importance of having active, engaged, and informed citizens who are willing to participate in the simple act of voting. Get registered to vote, check your status, and more @ https://www.whenweallvote.org.

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  • Aty Pical 1 month ago

    Dtrump Reich Republicans will not give up power easily!

  • TheKijib 1 month ago

    we voted for Obama in a landslide and all we got was Bush lite

    This is his fault

  • You Tube S U C K S ! 1 month ago

    Voting has always been a con job. Satanic Globalist scum choose Presidents not the Sheeple slave race. Every President has been related except one and his wife was.

  • sammmas 1 month ago

    Why do so many republicans seem afraid of an informed motivated voting public? They never told anyone who to vote for, why are they getting angry? It’s almost like they aren’t as confident in a trump win as they would have us think.

  • R A. Tiger 1 month ago

    Go Go biden!!!!
    Dementia is not that matter!!!
    U can Overcome it!! Right?!?
    Go debate with TRUMP!!!
    and get defeated!!

  • Barter System 1 month ago

    Big Mike with the big package

  • Siddharth Nandi 1 month ago

    democrats don’t even care about the fly over states it’s all for show

  • 3NVY 1 month ago

    I used to like you conan.

  • kingoffongpei 1 month ago

    I won’t vote for candidates I dislike. If they want people to vote, put up candidates that are indisputably competent and maybe the country won’t be as apathetic as they are towards these utter compromises election after election. But that can’t happen right now because of the disgusting nature of politics rewarding money, favors, and tenure over intelligence, wisdom, and ability. I don’t expect to see change in my lifetime, but I hope it changes sometime during America’s lifetime.

  • Ancient Mariner 1 month ago

    Most of these liberal elites look down upon you with contempt. They only remember you when they need your vote. The left in this country has gone mad.

  • Kay Muldoon 1 month ago

    My hero right there. Just love Michelle! Thank you for having her on as a guest. She’s a rock star! ❤️

  • Moto Moto 1 month ago

    trump is gonna win again and democrats are responsible for that. Democrats are doing everything they can to lose.

  • Steve Goodson 1 month ago

    How much better would the world be today if the presidency had somehow been passed to her instead of the sociopath in chief. Although that would have been undemocratic so she probably wouldn’t have taken the job. Wish she could come to the UK and take over from our half-wit racist elitist leader.

  • JBWN 0815 1 month ago

    Wouldn’t change our democracy eh Michelle? 🤔 Seems to me that’s all that the left wants to change

  • Arosh Gihan Karunaratne 1 month ago

    Vote RED! Can’t stand these liberal snowflakes.

  • Jason Me 1 month ago

    Unsubscribed from Conan

  • Robert Crawford 1 month ago

    Yes thanks Michelle. Vote so the idiot Biden doesn’t get elected. FYI. Your husband was the most corrupt president since Nixon

  • JD Antigua 1 month ago

    Polls do not count.
    Citizenry,  legally get your ballot, register and vote in ALL elections.
    Go vote democrat.

  • LazärheaD 1 month ago

    Whatever you vote, it’s the same neoconsrevative policies.

  • Majestad BowseR 1 month ago

    No One Cares


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