Michael Moore’s Question For Americans: How Do We Want To Live After This Pandemic?

Published on April 22, 2020

Michael Moore, the documentary superstar whose new project “Planet of the Humans” is out now, hopes America will emerge from the pandemic with a determination to end inequality in this country. #StephenAtHome #MichaelMoore #PlanetOfTheHumans

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  • Johnscott Seim 9 months ago

    I can see this crisis from the outside as I live in Tokyo. I am repulsed by the GOP and especially day one Trump in Melania’s Red House. He is a GRIFTER and I have zero tolerance for him and his fellow grifters. They lie cheat and whine and bully. The Gig is up doncon. His track record speaks universes. He looks like a clown acts like one and stinks like one.

  • Howtz 44 9 months ago

    Vote out the Fake Orange Emperor

  • mininmalta 123 9 months ago

    What is the difference between let’s say Germany and the USA ?
    We Germans think that our government is there for our people.
    It limiteds our personal freedom for the good of all. Hence no right to carry weapons but one of the best health systems in the world – not only for the chosen ones but for everybody !
    A change in America’s democratic system would mean a change in the mindset of Americans and that is something I doubt will happen !
    The USA carried the banner with “FREEDOM” written on it for too long !
    It is fine when the times are good but see what happens when the times are tough.
    And being probably the richest country in the world it is a shame to have so many deaths and so much poverty !

  • Igwe1511 9 months ago

    So many truths in this interview. Healthcare workers need the rest, power and waterworks workers need to be remembered and healthcare should be for all.

  • Howtz 44 9 months ago

    Let’s Keep Our Greatest Generation Safe We Owe Them

  • Kai-Uwe Merkel 9 months ago

    Without the NSA, Royals, Army, Politicians, Google, Microsoft, MarketOne, etc.

  • Jay Torr 9 months ago

    I laughed so hard when Moore said: were gonna get rid of trump & rona. As a bernie bro, I can see obviously….we are at the end of the road. This virus only sped up our demise. So, just relax and smoke it if ya got it.

  • Justin Morales 9 months ago

    Colbert warming up to Medicare for all? I f-ing love it. Grew up watching him on the daily show and CR, but was worried he may had gone a little too mainstream lately.

  • Modern Chair 9 months ago

    “Best known for rogering me …. ” ???

  • oteatimeo 9 months ago

    I hope people understand voting is serious business.
    My vote can save your life.

  • Edwin Macharia 9 months ago

    Hey Rosie.

  • Shervin M.- 9 months ago

    What makes anyone think there will be an end to the pandemic?

  • G R 9 months ago

    Boy, I hope you are right, Michael Moore! Equality of human life. Everybody. Everywhere.

  • Isaac Abraham 9 months ago

    Look at Michel Moore showing off his glorious hair right off the bat! #HubbaHubba

  • Skoll _ 9 months ago

    We need to each MASH. War effort.

  • Vladik Raudin 9 months ago

    “We will be right back with more Mr. Michael Moore”
    I see what you did there

  • Dan A 9 months ago

    No one debates we need Medicare for All except all the elite politicians in power that could give it to us. Including “I will veto Medicare for All” Joe Biden.
    I won’t risk my life voting for a politician who doesn’t fight for Medicare for All.

  • Gary Botha 9 months ago

    Two years from today we should do a survey on salaries of “essential workers” and compare them to today and then we will see if anybody actually cares about the effort these people are making. So many times this has happened and the talking points are all the same. Think firefighters and first responders on 9/11. We are in South Africa but would love to be at the Ed Sullivan theatre on November the 3rd. Thank you for the entertainment and the insight. Laughter is the best medicine, if only because it travels at least six feet 🙂

  • dpjb2930 Jp 9 months ago

    remove Trump and replace with who?

  • Li pov Yaj 9 months ago

    Never under estimate a large group of stupid people


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