Michael Moore’s New Movie Is Neither Liberal Nor Conservative



  • Bob Jenkins 3 years ago

    Michael Moore sounds more grounded than ever. By the time he’s 70 he’s
    going to be wise as fuck

  • A D 3 years ago

    SEARCH: No, there haven’t been 355 mass shootings this year

  • joefish41 3 years ago

    Did this host really say European countries don’t spend as much of their
    budget on the military because America looks after them??? Fuck off.

  • A D 3 years ago

    Obamacare is a fascistic nightmare of a program. Thanks, Michael Moore, for
    helping to make that happen.

  • mariokarter13 3 years ago

    But it’s just not American if the system ISN’T actively screwing you over.
    It’s, like, our identity man.

  • Stikibits 3 years ago

    The USA is the scourge of free people all over the globe, not the defenders
    of free people.
    All the USA does is lie, kill and steal…like all tyrannical societies.

  • High Brow Comedy 3 years ago

    Why do people keep saying Colbert sounds Conservative in this? You
    understand that if Colbert just said “oh you’re right, you’re the best”
    there wouldn’t be a point in having a show. He’s making an argument in the
    place of what arguments a viewer might have. It’s called being a host

  • Lolita Morris 3 years ago

    He seems so low key and a very down to earth person. Confident but not

  • shazil888 3 years ago

    There’s tradeoffs to everything. It just depends on what you’re willing to
    give up.

  • rangga aditya 3 years ago

    just like Colbert said .. i can’t wait to watch either 😀 …

  • Trillo333 3 years ago

    Wow. I’m actually interested in watching this!

  • Saint Val 3 years ago

    I wonder if Bernie will be on the credits of the movie.

  • MrLemmiwinks 3 years ago

    Michael Moore is a good man. Half of all the hate directed at him is due to
    his weight and appearance. It’s sad how many grown adults still act like
    schoolyard bullies.

  • Sonny Salvador 3 years ago

    Michael Moore is a cool guy and he is right.

  • sasan n 3 years ago

    Stephen open your EYES! In DENMARK: we have 5 weeks/year paid-vacation, 52
    weeks maternity leave for both parents (combine), free healthcare and free
    education for everyone, students receive money from the state for going to
    the university (it’s not much, but still!). Sure, EU has some racism and
    financial issues as well, but compare to US?! Dude, you should travel more.
    At least EU countries are not invading ME countries constantly or we don’t
    have mass shootings everyday!

  • Riley Chiles 3 years ago

    Shame on you Stephen for perpetuating the liberal vs. conservative
    nonsense. Americans need to move passed it.

  • Ashish Patel 3 years ago

    Vote Bernie!

  • Ma St 3 years ago

    if i had anything to say.. all us troops could leave europe in a second..
    they can come back as tourists, if they want…

  • harveythepooka 3 years ago

    When it comes to the US vs Europe it’s a case of picking your poison.
    Neither is perfect and both has flaws.

    The problem with the US is that it’s about the same size as Europe with
    people from many different walks of life, lifestyles and opinions and as
    many ethnicities as in Europe and yet we all have to come together and
    agree which is almost impossible.

    The problem with Europe is that each country is so dependent on other
    countries. Do you think that Germany could afford free higher education if
    they had to pay for an adequate military or without heavily depending on
    foreign trade etc etc etc.

    I agree investing money in people is a good thing, so is paid maternity
    etc, but those honestly seem like pointless issues to even talk about in
    comparison to other issues like addiction, poverty and violence.

  • Mr. Tulip 3 years ago

    That was a great fucking interview, it’s hard to make it interesting when
    you only have 10 minutes time but the way Stephen opposed Moore a bit to
    get into a discussion was great. Best Late Night interviews currently

  • MynameisBrianZX 3 years ago

    Free college? Paid WEEKS of vacation? This movie is just going to be
    another liberal propaganda film about failing welfare states. I’m praying
    for Portugal as drug empires will eventually destroy their country.

  • classictvguy1 3 years ago

    I really like the show and Colbert, but when he got all defensive about his
    country, I just had to write this comment. I know most of you won’t read it
    and if you do, you’ll get angry, but fuck it: The first step to solving a
    problem is admitting you have one. So many Americans, as evidenced by
    Colbert here, are afraid to acknowledge those problems. “What is the US
    doing right?” Fuck what the US is doing right. Blind patriotism/nationalism
    is not how progress takes place. And you know the saddest part? You guys
    ceded control of your government to corporations and individuals with
    unfathomable wealth who can funnel as much of it as they want into the
    political process, so all of the reforms the US desperately needs, until
    money is taken out of politics, will never happen.

    Justice system reform with a focus on rehabilitation over revenge? Not
    happening. Healthcare reform ensuring universal coverage? Not if the health
    insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies have anything to say about it. Gun
    reform? Not as long as the NRA and weapons manufacturers retain their
    immense power in Washington. Aggressive action on climate change? Forget
    it. The fossil fuel industry is having none of that. In the US, any
    legislation that benefits *the people* at the expense of *corporate profits*
    has a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. Instead, it’s considered

    You know CISA, that anti-privacy, internet surveillance bill you thought
    you defeated? Well, it’s been shoehorned into a must-pass budget bill as a
    rider. The only way CISA doesn’t pass is if the president vetoes the whole
    budget bill, bringing the government to a shutdown just so people and the
    media can report on the event while conveniently neglecting to mention said
    rider. Add to that the fact that most of the population has no idea what
    the fucking thing is or even who *Edward Snowden* is. Good job there with
    your freedom and democracy, ‘Murica. A country “of the people, by the
    people, and for the people”, right? My country has many problems too, but
    at least we can admit them.

  • David Reid 3 years ago

    Great ideas !

  • Hans2k4ever 3 years ago

    this is realy offensive towards real muslims … pls stop this

  • PostSurgeOperative 3 years ago

    It’s almost like he’s letting himself go.

  • unholychunk 3 years ago

    Comparing a doc on the iPhone and getting asked about mass shootings is not
    the same as doing a doc on how Europe is doing it better but asked what
    about the massive white supremacy movement or treatment of immigrants. I’m
    more liberal and even I think his one sided docs are getting annoying

  • Tsf Phi 3 years ago

    “We are all Muslim”
    “Gay people can get married”

    How fucking oblivious is this man to what Islam is?

  • IXM360 3 years ago

    Michael Moore appreciation comment

  • Joshua Jones 3 years ago

    300 mass shooting in the US this year was a figure that was completely made
    up to push agenda, one of the “mass shootings” was a boy who shot his
    grandparents with a BB GUN, that IS NOT a mass shooting and completely
    garbage to compare to the few real ones we have had.

  • robert istrate 3 years ago

    michael moor is a retard, not going to see his shitty movie

  • Liam Arnold 3 years ago

    I have multiple reasons to not believe that

  • KokaKolaKan 3 years ago

    There’s a check out there for Moore from a saudi royal for this publicity
    stunt. This pig doesn’t do it for free.

  • Sevastopolina 3 years ago

    What a retarded individual.

  • Tomáš Zelenka 3 years ago

    Most of Europe is in NATO, so US already has troups there.

  • Victor Dalloz 3 years ago

    “In Italy, you have 7-8 weeks paid vacations for all workers” *Crowd cheers*

    Does anybody need a reminder of the current economic situation of Italy?
    Because it really doesn’t look good.

  • Gabriel Angelos 3 years ago

    If we were all Muslim gay people and drug users would be executed. The
    cognitive dissonance of leftists is a sight to behold.

  • NickDGR 3 years ago

    What? The US spends 60% on its military? Is nobody going to correct him
    when he talks such rubbish? And to think that when I was younger I used to
    like this guy, it’s unbelievable.

  • abi7183 3 years ago

    Nice use of the word ‘gobsmacked’ @ 4.36

  • Patrick Greene 3 years ago

    Old Andy Milanakis

  • Simpler Living 3 years ago

    I admire Michael Moore constantly fighting for what he believes while
    someone like me just sits here from my computer championing people like
    him. I don’t even partake in social media (aside from watching YouTube),
    but what he does is #goals.

  • Ruth Marie 3 years ago

    They should have mentioned that it’s still a crime to sell or manufacture
    drugs in Portugal. It’s also illegal to be in possession of large amounts
    of drugs. So what has been done is authorities started investing their
    funds going after drug dealers and treating drug users. The results appear
    to be massively positive across the board.

  • Daniel Carrapa 3 years ago

    Hi folks. I’m from Portugal and I’d like to explain the question regarding
    the “decriminalization of all drugs”. It’s important to notice that this
    was a decriminalization of consumption (of all drugs) – which is now
    treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue. However, drug trafficking
    is a crime and you will be arrested for possession if you have an amount
    considered too high to be justified as for personal use only. That’s why
    when Michael Moore says that he has cocaine, the cops get so serious –
    because he could get arrested for it.

    Removing the criminal offense status of drug consumption created a better
    social environment for people dealing with addiction to resort to the
    public health system, and find the treatment they need – without the risk
    and the stigma of facing criminal charges.

  • walter80922 3 years ago

    what protects them is American military power, not maternity leave.

  • Arthur Fonseca 3 years ago

    The argument that europe can spend less in military because US spends a lot
    is getting old… How about decrease your military budget and let europe
    raises theirs a little bit? So everybody contributes to the safety of the
    “free world”. Does anyone believe the USA has such a big military to
    protect the world, instead of protecting itself and controlling the whole
    globe? Who named the US Earth’s Caretaker anyway?

  • abstractswirls 3 years ago

    Michael is a smart man with honestly good intentions. glad he was invited
    on the show

  • walter80922 3 years ago

    So he’s here to pick only flowers, so he’s here to pull a Bernie Sanders
    and talk about free shit without asking what the cost is. He’s here to show
    you all this stuff that other people will provide you for free through
    their labor.

  • Steve27775 3 years ago

    A relevant quote by H.L. Mencken: “The men the American public admire most
    extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently
    are those who try to tell them the truth.” It’s why Trump is popular and
    Michael Moore isn’t.

  • AngelHeartStudios 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders 2016!

  • illuminati 3 years ago

    i like to watch leftist channels from time to time.

  • Eric Noreen 3 years ago

    Can anyone explain how we spend upwards of 60% on our military? That is
    pure hogwash.

  • samtheman2144 3 years ago

    people of course are cheering about free college in Germany…. if only
    they knew what that really meant

  • samtheman2144 3 years ago

    a director of documentaries is suppose to pick the flowers and the weeds.
    you cant just focus on the good things when you travel to another country

  • samtheman2144 3 years ago

    and I like the Stephen was being skeptical of some of the things he was

  • Lizzie7493 3 years ago

    About the drug thing going on in Portugal: possesion is not criminalized;
    *however*, selling is. So if you’re caught with a small enough portion that
    is considered to be for personal, one time use it’s more or less OK (it’s
    not a crime, but it’s frowned upon obviously), but if it’s more than that
    then you get arrested of course because it indicates your intention to
    sell. You also can’t be caught driving under the influence of drugs or

  • mattstartsomething 3 years ago

    why is the gap between the limited and wide release so huge?! D:

  • Pedro Miguel 3 years ago

    Portugal still arrests dealers, growers and traffickers and even sometimes
    take down people transporting drugs to the country from places like
    Morocco, but even though you don’t go to jail or pay large fines you are
    considered a person with medical problems and still need to go to rehab

  • BadVoodo0 3 years ago

    As a Mexican you white people fucking disgusted me. You have no backbone or
    balls and you’re so fucking cuck you’re saying “we’re all muslims” despite
    muslims sending 80% of their male refugees too you and ideology disagreeing
    with everything that makes your nations great. You fucking white people are
    so fucking naive and self serving it makes me sick to my stomach.

    I used to feel kinda bad for you but i’m starting to realize you’re just
    all a bunch of cucks who have no consideration for the world outside your
    small social sphere. I’m so glad you’re all going extinct.

  • Crash Zan 3 years ago

    michel moore looks like he’s transitioning to becoming a women quite

  • starlinguk 3 years ago

    It won’t appeal to GOP voters, because it won’t confirm their prejudices.

  • Nxxx S 3 years ago

    giant sweetheart

  • Numbersixxx 3 years ago

    How can one get so fat?

  • chuckn char 3 years ago

    Whats with Stephen? Hostility with Bill Maher and Michael? Watch it

  • Dave D 3 years ago

    “We (US) spend 60% on our military” – That’s false.

    Total federal spending in 2015 was $3.8 Trillion

    Military: 609.3 Billion (15.88%)
    Medicare & Healthcare: 1.05 Trillion (27.42%)
    Social Security, unemployment, and labor: 1.28 Trillion (33.26%)
    Science: 29.81 Billion (.78%)
    Energy and Environment: 44.85 Billion (1.17%)
    International Affairs: 50.22 Billion (1.31%)
    Housing and Community: 61.48 Billion (1.60%)
    Transportation: 84.99 Billion (2.22%)
    Education: 102.26 Billion (2.67%)
    Food and Agriculture: 135.7 Billion (3.54%)
    Veteran’s benefits: 160.63 Billion (4.19%)
    Interest on Debt: 229.15 Billion (5.97%)

  • Benny Mac 3 years ago

    I’m pretty liberal but 8 weeks paid vacation every year for every worker
    and your honeymoon paid for…… CMON that sounds like even to much for
    Bernie lol

  • Le Quasar 3 years ago

    we, the french, don’t need american army stephen. we don’t invade other
    people country so we need a small professional army . that what we have.
    and more then everything we have THE NUKE….. so exept the terrorisme you
    can’t avoid. The first country who mess with us, we will nuke them…

  • Jordan Neal 3 years ago

    Can people please stop saying there has been over 300 mass shootings in
    2015. Not even close to accurate…

  • john bird 3 years ago

    michael moore is a fat dick spurting dead semen.

  • wingsuiter101 3 years ago

    “We are all muslim”
    *Gets beheaded for eating bacon the next day* kek

  • bobothecreepyclown 3 years ago

    Jabba the Hutt explains the weird, curious world that is not America.

  • Cody David 3 years ago

    1 is lonleyer than 0. Red is darker than blue. I might go live in the

  • Andres Sandi 3 years ago

    Gaben? Is that you?

  • Kalle Koivuniemi 3 years ago


  • A D 3 years ago

    Possibly the ugliest anti-American…Just an observation, he cannot help

  • themindofharrison 3 years ago

    Stephen… Stephen Stephen Stephen… as much as I live you dude there is a
    WAY bigger problem with racism in America. We don’t just slap someone in
    prison or shoot people for being black. And immigration? or as we prefer to
    call it – refugees… well… I only have one word. Trump. That is all.

  • ThePandanaman 3 years ago

    Michael Moore is a lying sack of shit. I can’t believe I used to like him.

  • RakelaK67 3 years ago

    A useless parasite scumbag ….. Moore is a waste of air

  • MonkeyKong 3 years ago

    the US has been spinning it’s tires in the mud for a long time, and
    continues to do so because the republicans have had the ability to block or
    pervert everything that obama tries to do. It’s been a solid 15 years of
    terrible political discourse in the US and the rest of the world is now
    surpassing you in many ways. I don’t know how you snap out of it;
    republicans definitely aren’t going to watch michael moore’s movie and
    learn anything

  • Ecthelion008 3 years ago

    We are *not* all Muslim.
    I for one am an alcoholic.

  • VermilionMage 3 years ago

    Two washed-up leftist losers talking about a man who is better than both of
    them combined.

  • Jessy Doyle 3 years ago

    I wonder if he will make up a bunch of shit for this new movie like he does
    in his old movies

  • Vandal 3 years ago

    we don’t treat immigrants well?
    if anything we are treating them too well.

  • Michel van der Molen 3 years ago

    We (Europe) live under American protection ? Are you fucking kidding me ?
    If anything the US’ constant interference in the Middle East has made us
    less safe.
    It’s bad enough that Americans think they need this huge army to protect
    them but they also believe that are the protectors of the whole western
    world ? It never ceases to amaze me how blinded Americans are by patriotism
    and can’t see past their own borders, I’m glad Michael made this film.

  • Solrac Serolf 3 years ago

    the bigger your fear, the bigger your weapon…

  • Bob Schmidt 3 years ago

    This woman really hates Trump. I don’t get it. He just wants to make
    America great again.

  • Doei vat 3 years ago

    Fucking commies always trying to push standards to the abysses, Europe is
    twice more populated as the US, but not as much powerful, better system you

  • Little Pinky 3 years ago

    This was a very good interview and this new film looks very interesting and
    I definitely want to see it. I’ve enjoyed Moore’s work over the yrs.

  • Pillsbottom 3 years ago

    So a guy who is morbidly obese and can’t even lose weight or practice
    proper hygiene thinks he knows how to solve America’s problems?

  • MyNameIsBucket 3 years ago

    Sounds like they did a “not ready for prime time” edit right around 7:30.

  • d0Bored0b 3 years ago

    They don’t arrest people for drug related offenses and so drug crime has
    gone down?
    In case he didn’t notice, this is because drug crime goes unreported (Since
    people don’t get arrested or charged for drug related offenses).

    And people are calling this guy smart, lol.

  • Drentiful Gaming 3 years ago

    I’m really surprised how narrow minded Colbert was in this interview and
    how he kept defend America. People just need to admit and realize we as a
    country have fucked up and it’s been this way for a hundred years. Other
    countries are making all these big changes. While the American government
    is so conservative and doesn’t want to help anything.

  • Josh Sinclair 3 years ago

    Michael Moore!

  • Bigheadman 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable if Michael Moore came near me at all. Camera or

  • Rozmic 3 years ago

    That fat fucking cunt is still alive? Still hasn’t killed himself for being
    a rich White male?
    Looks like he’s turning himself into a tranny blob, maybe that’s his get
    out clause. Still needs to work on that voice though.

  • happy543210 3 years ago

    moore needs to visit syria with that fucking “we are all muslim” sign so we
    can see how quickly isis fighters chop off his fat head!


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