Michael Moore Thinks an All-Women Democratic Presidential Ticket Would Win

Published on January 21, 2020

Michael Moore talks about the 2020 election, the New York Times’ endorsement of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, and Senator Bernie Sander’s fight against climate change.

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  • Mud Sh-sh-shark 2 years ago

    Roomba 2020!!

  • Phil Michael 2 years ago

    I hear everyone of my coworkers saying they will not vote for a woman regardless of qualifications bc they believe the rest of the World will not respect them, sadly just like they are prejudice

  • Jeff Hambleton 2 years ago

    We need Bernie and AOC. They’ll make the perfect pair.
    Bernie had to go for the next 9 years so 79+9….
    AOC if young, full of vitality and can learn so much from Bernie.
    Anyone who says that’s not a good combo thinks racism will play a part. I say, go for it

  • PumpkinEskobarr 2 years ago

    This is where we are again… support who ever the party nominee is. ??‍♀️

  • will crow 2 years ago

    The empowerment of women is the solution to many of the world’s problems. If women have control of their reproductive rights and the power to vote they will not bring children into war torn, starving nations.
    Along with health care and education the empowerment of women has raised the quality of life in every country on earth. Throw out religion and the military corporate complex and we all might just see another decade.

  • Marius Thefaker 2 years ago

    How about instead of trying to flip 5 million swing voters you concentrate on enrolling 10 million more Democrat voters? (and I think Bernie would be more than happy with a 1/4 to go)

  • Sepehr Daghbandan 2 years ago

    Seth audience don’t seem to be sanders fans.

  • Ad Max 2 years ago

    I’m scottish i follow us politics fairly closely as ours is even more depressing a sovereign country stuck with conservatives we never voted for, for another 5 years, not nice. But Bernie is the only one who can beat trump. Warren went into the mud and now trump will use that as a weapon, biden is the democratic reagan in that he is going senile whilst running for office, Bernie goes fucking everywhere, he goes on fox that’s who you need not someone the elite have chosen because it’s “there time” like hilary clinton. Also the electoral college is so fundamentally undemocratic i dunno why you’d bother with any other candidate other than bernie, if it’s close republicans win, but i think bernie would smash trump.

  • Herb Liptow 2 years ago

    trump is so not playing 3D chess! It’s more like candy land!

  • Elaine Struthers 2 years ago

    Klobuchar is mean that comes up repeatedly…mean people are notoriously unreliable… vote for improvement in health care, environment, wellbeing not for personality but for platform..

  • Manuel G 2 years ago

    Roomba 2020. Make America clean again.

  • N. Martínez 2 years ago

    Sure, because we know women are infalible.

  • Tseleng Botlhole 2 years ago

    Power to the Rhumba ??????

  • Theodoros Georgitsis 2 years ago

    Women will vote for women? We realy should stop with these identity politics.

  • Kerrie Plant 2 years ago

    Bernie 2020 ?

  • Lemonie Lala 2 years ago

    I’ve just got to say that there is in this presidential race a candidate of who you can dig up footage from the seventies (!!) where he is saying the EXACT same thing as now. That’s fourty years. If someone has held those beliefs for that long there is no way he is faking it just to win. If nothing else that would be the most impressive long game ever……
    Just think about that. All these other candidates are great (all of them way better than Twitler and I’d vote for any of them to get rid of him, and for most of them without having to shower afterwards..) and now stand for basically the sameish things as Sanders. But in the last presidential election primaries only four years ago those ideas were seen as waaaay to progressive or leftist for anyone else to adopt. Now suddenly they’re all for it. Which is great, but he is still the original, an therefore very easy to trust. ❤
    And it annoys me greatly that I’m not allowed to vote in the US election.

  • tbd 2 years ago

    Michael Moore has stopped thinking. What tf happened to him.

  • PerthTowne 2 years ago

    You don’t vote for president based on gender. You vote based on who is honest, who has integrity, and who you agree with on the issues. I don’t care what gender, race, religion, age, or sexual orientation the candidate is. You vote on who the person is. I’m for Bernie. But whoever you support, vote the person, not the demographic.

  • spacebike 2 years ago

    “If we don’t fix climate change like now, we don’t have 4 years” This is the wrong thought process and exactly what conservatives hate about democrats. It will take longer than 4 years and beyond identity politics to fix. we will live 5 years no mater what happens. statements like this are foolish and help nothing.

  • Loki Nakor 2 years ago

    Nope! Sorry, but how did MM come out smelling like roses when EVERY ONE OF HIS MOVIES was produced by Harvey Weinstein?!? That’s his bff. Bye Michael.


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