Michael Moore Sings Us A Message Of Hope

Published on April 22, 2020

Friend of the show Michael Moore shows off a new skill as he sings a message of hope before signing off from tonight’s interview. #StephenAtHome #MichaelMoore #PlanetoftheHumans

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  • Nancy Deis 2 years ago

    HOLY SMOKIES Micheal Moore has a beautiful singing voice. I never would have expected how he sounds. That really was beautiful. Happy B’day Mr. Moore

  • Satori Mystic 2 years ago

    Yeah, it’s time to end the global pandemic of rectal-cranial inversion … Indeed! 😷👍

  • Lanfeartyve 2 years ago


  • D B 2 years ago

    to celebrate earth day Trumps EPA announced more lead & mercury OK for power plants!

  • Lily Aust 2 years ago

    What’s with the non stop laughing from Stephen??

  • Edwin Felix 2 years ago

    While likes of Michael has a platform, we have hope.
    The “liberators” in Virginia, Texas and Minnesota are the climate-change deniers too. Selfish, fact-free idiots

  • Danilo Vega 2 years ago

    Just saw Planet of the Humans, it really fucked me up

  • Purple Ion 2 years ago

    its hilarous… bc its true.. and how the planet has been telling us..but we choose greed over our own existence… “profit over humanity” capitalism says..
    but we the people is who matter the most.. without us well there is no US
    #eyeawakening #michaelMoore #awakenthegiant #wethepeople #lovethynieghborasthyself

  • Edib Besirevic 2 years ago

    If corona virus is natural, it certainly had mutated due to climate changes…

  • Helen Patterson 2 years ago

    Cool Michael Moore! My grandmother had a traditional Valentine’s day reunion (her birthday) and she gave all the grandchildren special gifts. It was great. Hey! Happy birthday !

  • HaroutDSDZ 2 years ago

    MM: a beautiful human being. Should be the rule and not the exception.

  • gary bagnall 2 years ago

    Too much science for Steve he didn’t know whether to laff or cry.

  • LeNa 2 years ago

    I saw #PlanetOfTheHumans yesterday….
    I Was infuriated, so many emotions, confirming what I’ve thought, and not been able to
    And I sent the link in tweets to #politicians and #Press
    This is a MUST SEE for everyone. #ACTNOW
    and thnx for the song #MichaelMoore, and a million thnx for sharing your work for free. <3
    NB! This is not the film to eat popcorn, you might choke on it. :/

  • Tom Pogson 2 years ago

    Coronavirus is a shot across the bow. Take mother earth seriously.

  • Pat H 2 years ago

    Stephen is grinning like a jackass throughout this….quite annoying.

  • Marius Thefaker 2 years ago

    No generation ever leaves a perfect world for the next one. 50 years ago people were still using DDT and Hexavalent Chromium. 50 years before that kids were dying from polio and black lung from working in the coal mines. 100 years before that kids were dying from dysentery and slavery… Blaming the previous generation for the state of the world doesn’t fix the problem. Unless your organized enough to mobilize a movement that will affect the bottom line of the polluters, nothing’s going to change. Get educated, get rich, get into politics, get elected and change it for yourselves… how do you think they did it?

  • Sabin Figaro 2 years ago

    Thanks mike

  • Gloria Cheon 2 years ago

    Thank you Michael, Happy birthday 🎂🥂🎉

  • Emily Dudley 2 years ago

    For people who are VERY AWARE of climate change, laughter is the only way to cope… although I do think Stephen should have a more fuel efficient vehicle!!?? ( background in the bike pumping segment a few weeks back ) Stephen more of a cybertruck or electric vw mini kind of guy???

  • WrestleMania Is real just like Trump 2 years ago

    Stephen has had a few maybe.


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