Michael Moore: Majority Black Cities In Michigan Turned The State Blue For Joe Biden

Published on November 13, 2020

Native Michigander Michael Moore explains a few things about his home state, like how Black voters in Michigan’s cities made sure they didn’t spend another four years labeled a “red state.” You can hear more from Michael Moore on his podcast, “Rumble With Michael Moore.” #Colbert #MichaelMoore #RumbleWithMichaelMoore

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  • BlaqueCzar 2 years ago

    John Baptiste is pure.

  • al's Will 2 years ago

    Friday the Thirteenth ,the Loser Falls today ,Take care of The Problem ,he’s crapped his Pants Again !!! He always did when Stormy was with him!!!

  • mary jones 2 years ago

    very nice interview, ty mr moore, mr and mrs colbert, mr batiste (loved that!) and stay human. yep, i went to school with people like that too. most of them grew up though and behaved like responsible citizens/adults eventually. it was societal norms and education that turned them around, no one wanted to be considered a foolish child, to become an unamerican outcast. schools taught civics classes, history, science. you had to actually pass those classes in order to progress to the next grade, and to graduate. schools that just pass students along are doing no favors to the students or to society at large. ‘help, johnny can’t read’ and worse is ‘help, the teacher can’t read’…

  • jeffrey pick 2 years ago

    Trump knows exactly what is going on ! It is a cash grab – he wants a court fighting fund – send money. Then it will be I am running in 2024 – send money for the campaign – he saw he raised nearly $1b for the last one – $10 from each of his 70m voters = $700,000,000 – that’s some scam !!!!

  • Harriet Honaker 2 years ago

    I no longer live in Ohio
    I live in Summit County

  • Bill Deef 2 years ago

    “The next generation might be better.” Where was Moore born? On the moon. Because he surely remembers the great American Hippie Movement of Leftists in the late 60s who became Yuppies and many of whom (the majority who, surprisingly in a capitalist system, were the losers) gave rise to and voted for Trump. Now why would another generation not go through the same metamorphosis if they end up the same way in the future, as they will?

  • inner3peace 2 years ago

    We need legislation to protect Americans against the violence from white hate groups and militias. Timothy Mcvae was a terrorist. We don’t make friends with people who want to kill us. Michael Moore.

  • Michael Parks 2 years ago

    Not everyone who voted for trump could see who – or what – he really was.

    It is easier for educated people to understand. Harder for the guys Michael Moore grew up with. Sure, thet liked the “red meat”, and they enjoyed “feeling special”, but they didn’t understand what that REALLY meant – at scale. They took everyday life for granted. And, trump PROMISED them he’d look-after them. They’re scared kids. That’s all.

  • mohd. Osman Abbas M. Ali 2 years ago

    Spot on it was Detroit and Co and Philly even pulled through God bless America

  • Aman Nougrahiya 2 years ago

    Personally, I feel that it is unfair to think that those 72+ million votes in favour of Trump were all for the person and not his party (+whatever he and his party brings to the table).
    So, there is still hope that not 47.5% of people are racist in America.

    Many of us privileged people who need not worry much about our finances related to bare minimum necessities of life, wouldn’t always understand the kinds of thing that the working class has to suffer through. I am not saying that I understand it. All I am saying is that once you all sit around a table and _talk_, maybe you would understand the thinking/reasoning behind the decision of those who voted for Trump.

    Joe Biden is perhaps one of the most decent and caring of all the Presidents that America has had so far. Maybe he will show the Trump voters that there _is_ an option where they can put food on their tables without having to support a racist.
    But Biden is just one person. There is so much more that you all need to do at your end. Reach out, and bridge the gaps.
    Peace and happiness to all.

  • Stan Current 2 years ago

    Michael Moore is right, somehow we have to work with the 70 million people who voted for Trump, including the white nationalist racist, neo nazi, anarchist militia. Maybe tell them there’s’ no place for white supremacy in our democracy?

  • Abbie Figueroa 2 years ago

    Okay, but why do Michael and Stephen have the same face? Am I the only one noticing this?

  • K Mc 2 years ago

    You can’t help smile when Jon is on.

  • jacq danieles 2 years ago

    Snowflakes for Trump, unite!

  • -- 2 years ago

    I love watching you Stephen, you just keep getting better. You have your finger on the pulse and genuinely a good human. 🥰👍🏼

  • Najee Muhammad 2 years ago

    Notice how much happier everyone is? Weird huh?

  • Rob Van Gessel 2 years ago

    “The next generation”. I’ve been reading about how Kellyanne Conway’s teen daughter rose against Trump, and how Dennis Quaid’s son did likewise – loudly breaking ranks with their parents. And, of course, there’s David Hogg and the Parkland followers reminding the public of the horrific chaos we’ve put up with in the last 4 years. Hope?

  • Randay Sunday 2 years ago

    It was progressives, black and white, who got the vote out to beat Trump. Now Biden is throwing them under the bus.

  • MrTingles 2 years ago

    Man, Micheal looks like he slimmed down a lot… And I doubt that soul crushing anxiety wasn’t one of the secrets to his transformation…


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