Michael Moore Is Worried Trump Will Postpone the 2020 Election

Published on June 11, 2020

Michael Moore shares his anxieties about the 2020 election.

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  • ZQAN 2 months ago

    Whats scary is I believe it is exactly what trump is planning, he will not allow a fair election. He knows he is gone in a fair election and only
    his cult supporters think otherwise and they are happy to to undermine democracy if it keeps their leader in power.

  • Dexter Pascual 2 months ago

    These is not funny guys, Republicans should be out in office and that orange man in White House

  • frank hayles 2 months ago

    Any one seen pence ? Or has he got the Rona🥵

  • Billy Anderson 2 months ago

    No kidding now trump knows he can get the police to riot on command, police riot then marshal law then no election.

  • Alexis B 2 months ago

    *Read up on 12th Ammendment!* Red states could not certify votes on purpose, throwing election to house. Each state gets 1 vote. More majority red states than blue means Trump gets appointed!

  • lichga100 2 months ago

    Cause it’s normal to vote in the burned building with broken windows.

  • Jason Gastrich 2 months ago

    Moore is a smart man with a warm heart. He smelled something foul with the death of Joe Scarborough’s aide too. It is as fishy as hell. As for Trump I see a dumb war as more probable than delaying the vote.

  • Regina Santos 2 months ago

    Trump & he’s administration will find a way to stop these election…..

  • Sebastian Aleksandriytzin 2 months ago

    Trump will postpone. So will McConnell. And Paul and Graham and Rubio and Cruz and Cotton and Collins and Jordan and Romney. He’s nothing without a party full of cowards starving for endless power.

  • Bunyip Z 2 months ago

    Trump aint budging. He still has 40% approval, that’s a lot of people. That is a sad state of affairs, and a vote will not happen or will not be recognised by Trump and his supporters.

  • Soren Ingram 2 months ago

    Well said Michael Moore.
    Trumps actions around the election and the transition period gives one pause

  • Slutty McTits 2 months ago

    That title — Shhh! Please don’t give him any ideas!

  • Kelly Andrews 2 months ago

    In a world where people are demonized for showing even a modicum if support for Trump it makes sense many pollees would hide their support for Trump. Liberals are getting cocky again, underestimating the silent majority who won’t say a word about Trump before and after the election, but will cast a vote for him on Election Day.

    Joe Biden is too senile and too phony for our Whitehouse.

  • Zombobo Smith 2 months ago

    We’ve all known, seen, or maybe been those little kids who’d rather smash their favourite toy than be made to share it. It’s a behaviour that 99% of us grow out of, because we realise price of such behaviour to be ultimately self-defeating.
    But Trumplestiltskin, hasn’t learned those lessons and I do think there’s a chance, depending on whether the GoP can be cowed into going along, that he’d do nearly anything to keep power and if he can’t, he’ll try any leave a giant turd on the resolute desk

  • James Christie 2 months ago

    What Americans really needs to be worried about is how Trump’s behaviour will become more erratic as he realizes he will lose in November. The question is, How many more Americans much die of Coronavirus because of the negligence of Trump, before the GOP controlled Senate does its job and puts a stop to Trump’s Genocide?

  • C O 2 months ago

    So they want to postpone and rig the election in the same time?

  • KingCaino Plays 2 months ago

    Get him OUT the White House and put him in the Big Brother house with other crazy people…..

  • Susan Petty 2 months ago

    Michael, dead-serious question….to whom do you very specifically refer to when you say, “they” need time to rig the election? Not looking for broad “collective” enemy of the state, or trump-supporters in general….
    I’m asking, literally, who is this subversive force that installed a lunatic in office in the first place?
    Is it the wall-streeters’ club of degenerates? Is it the list of billionaires from the epstein human-trafficking island (are they the same w.s. degens)? Is it the order of the ku klux klan roster? Again, I really need to know, and here’s why.
    When trump is out of office, he doesn’t – nor do his kind – magically disappear like his hoax-virus-theory. In fact, ‘they’ will simply recede into the shadows in search of another buffoon-puppet to parade out in the NEXT election cycle. I no longer wish to reactively wait for the next way to lose hundreds of thousands of good citizens: I want instead to PROACTIVELY stamp out any possibility that can ever happen again….and I simply do NOT, for even a nano-second, believe Status Quo Joe is up to that job. Hell, he LIKES rubbing shoulders with billionaire-tyrants and can’t wait to restore the old pre-corona order. Like you, I believe him when he comes right out and says so. That’s who HE is, and in no way reflects or represents who WE (working-class) are.

  • KingCaino Plays 2 months ago

    Kim Jun Trump?

  • rebjiii 2 months ago

    Donald Trump is a disgrace to all Christians, he stands against everything Jesus said and did. The Bible doesn’t promote lying, cheating and hate, but Trump does that every day of his pathetic Presidency.


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