Michael McFaul – “From Cold War to Hot Peace” & Trump’s Relationship with Putin |The Daily Show

Published on August 4, 2018

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul describes what it’s like to be on Vladimir Putin’s bad side and explains why Donald Trump shouldn’t take Putin at his word.



  • FC Barca 2 years ago

    Can’t stand putin but lol Americans need to stop lecturing others on freedom and democracy ???

  • Nali2013 2 years ago

    i really need a Trevor for German news.

  • Eduardo Lima 2 years ago

    “Never use a nuclear bomb would be at the top”… Lol Hiroshima and Nagasaki were definitely accidents. As of calling anyone dictator for meddling on other country’s election with through posts on Facebook, what would all the presidents of the US be when they were overthrowing democratically elected presidents throughout Latin America ?

  • Bobby Collins 2 years ago

    he forgot to mention how putin bombed his own people, blamed it on Chechnya and then started a war with Chechnya.

  • Oscar Alvarez 2 years ago

    Isn’t he doing the whataboutism when he is asked about the conflicts where America is involved?

  • Regina Fela Adu 2 years ago

    If u don’t understand what this guy is saying, u are as dumb as a newborn baby seal!! Trump got u guys so distrusting that you guys are unable to LISTEN to information. You guys are so far gone with the fake news rhetoric that u can’t trust a trustworthy source. Shame

  • Steven L 2 years ago

    “I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way”  
    Some forward thinking youth in a backwards society— we have hope!

  • Fravored Stunner 2 years ago

    Trevor is very smart, the way he balanced the heat ?.

  • Marcelo Agustin Martinez 2 years ago

    “putin didn’t want me in tv shows like this in russia saying that everything would be so much better if he weren’t in power… how paranoid of him…” 😀 really??
    The problem with Putin is not only that he is a dictator, it is that he is one of the few smart dictators… that maybe prolly explains better why bush and drumpf end up knees down mouth open in front of him ;P

  • nastatchia 2 years ago

    Urgh the US trying to make Putin look bad. He pales in comparison with every american president (nb doesn’t mean he isn’t very bad)! Watch Chomsky’s interview on that summit.
    The difference is that the US is a genocidal colony.
    That’s not “mistakes”, fe Iraq’s invasion was a blatant act of aggression. Iran and Serbia are just 2 examples. And it’s not just meddling, it’s overthrowing governments and placing dictators at their heads, or financing butcheries. What about El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Haiti, Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, DRC, Saudi Arabia, Koweit, Qatar, Korea, East Timor, Somalia, Indonesia, Lybia and the recent meddling in Germany’s elections? And I didn’t mention all of them.
    Check Gallup poll of which country is considered world’s biggest threat to peace.

    It was during Obama that they offered NATO to Ukraine and offered to arm them (which Trump is rapidly escalading. May I remind you 2 main nuclear powers. If that doesn’t scare you inform yourselves). It’s next to Russia. How would they feel if Russia offered an alliance with Mexico where they could place their army AND nuclear bombs? How stupid does the guy think we all are? To continue the policy in place with Russia is not a good thing. They didn’t stop threatening with NATO since 90. Trying to play the cute innocent lamb in front of us? Give me a break.

    USA has proudly meddled in Russia’s elections (Yeltsin, funnily enough just before Putin, one wonders why he came into power later). Putin is absolutely right to think (I would say “know”) that about the USA (no matter how he is horrible and helps an homosexual genocide in Chechenya among other things), everyone knows that. They do understand “the geopolitical stuff”.
    USA military spendings: 720 billion dollars (1.9 billion per day)/ Russia military spendings: 66.3 billion dollars (0.2 billion per day). Both dangerous, one limpidly more than the other, and more threatening.
    Meet youngsters in the US, they say the exact same between two groups which none listens to their needs.

    You want better relations with Russia and make us safe? Sign the Nuclear Ban Treaty (and apply it, with a partnership with Russia to do it at the same time) and dissolve NATO.

    Btw, as I can see in advance some comments like this, I am not from Russia or the previous Soviet Union (or a robot). It’s just common knowledge. Again, check the poll.

  • No pay to game Gamer 2 years ago

    I’m a Persian , ur night shows r amazing ???

  • Viona Lenapunya 2 years ago

    The best interview
    Big up man

  • luis whatshisname 2 years ago

    Trevor, you are giving this political CIA guy work you like Putin worked Trump

  • DE 2 years ago

    Drumpf does not get whataboutism, but the republicans practice hypocrisy to perfection.

  • L J 2 years ago

    Humm, whataboutism, Kelly Conway’s favorite word.

  • ART DECO 2 years ago


  • rotutsdotcom 2 years ago

    so much talk , so few proofs ….. americans love to talk shit with no proof …… just love it

  • Rr Ii 2 years ago

    What about ism’s, equil time, pessimism, simple lack of focus. Unity . Unity . Unity.

  • 0 000 2 years ago

    Fair enough, I am sorry to say that I kind of understand what Putin is unfortunate reality… I am sorry to say that we don’t need you USA, you need us, worldwide history, I don’t like Putin either but he made a point, even if we all disagreed with Ukraine (gas) , we had to find a solution to flip the coin and we did. I got the point of this former embassador, he’s telling A TRUTH THE MOST OF AMERICANS FORGOT UNTIL TRUMP CAME INTO THE SCENE. We HOPE, it is a lesson LEARNED.

  • peter still 2 years ago

    I really liked Trevor at the beginning when he was cracking jokes. As a host, he seems out of place, although he holds his own for someone who has no higher education. But this means he stays on the surface of things and runs on instinct. The end product is just not compelling. Even my wife stopped watching him.


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