Michael “Killer Mike” Render | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on June 5, 2020

Activist and “Run the Jewels” musician Michael Render joins Bill to discuss why now is the time to “Plot, Plan, Strategize, Organize and Mobilize.”

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  • Brian Iliff 4 months ago


  • New Message 4 months ago

    When even a guy named ‘Killer’ is saying ‘Woah.. enough.”, you know you got a problem.

  • Mark S 4 months ago


  • Carla Marie Mills 4 months ago

    Killer Mike is always Great 👍🏼

  • jai pennycuick 4 months ago

    What about George floyds victims should we forget them

  • Ben C 4 months ago

    If all it takes for peace in this country is to have a president with a stupid D next to his name, then let’s vote D idk anymore I just want normalcy and peace again. Let them pretend a democrat will change things. As long as they don’t hurt me

  • mrbrainchild76 3 months ago

    1:43 And what did voting do for black folks after the 1992 riots? Well for starters, it gave us the 1994 Crime Bill that Joe Biden wrote and Bill Clinton gleefully signed. Tell me again Killer Mike how voting helped black people after the Rodney King beating and Latasha Harlin murder? Why do people listen to this guy? 🙄

  • deanedgx 3 months ago

    I thought ‘Michael the killer’ called for the riots and looting to stop? Seems not. Smh in despair and disgust of both these idiots. Bill, we done.

  • James Kane 3 months ago

    Protest, vote, strike.

  • Regina Garrett 3 months ago

    Legalize marijuana!

  • Scott M 3 months ago

    Trump signed criminal justice reform last year and issued an executive order today for police reform. And he led us to the all-time low for black unemployment. A man of action not a race-baitor

  • Flying Dutchman 3 months ago

    Scum Bag

  • Brian Rivera 3 months ago

    Let’s see how much he cares about destruction of property once the insurance companies drop him

  • Dylaniated 3 months ago

    Killer Mike: “we need to do everything” …..yep

  • Kekistani Help Desk 3 months ago

    The right wants black people to improve themselves.
    The left want black people to be feel sorry for themselves.

    Both are patronising stances but declaring yourself a victim is spiritual suicide.

  • Paul Green 3 months ago

    So this guy, Michael Render is on my radio yesterday rapping about all the “…slave masters on your dollar bill”, clearly (and sensibly) fighting against the abuse of a group (black people) he feels are being vicimtised because they look differently to a majority, yet on the Bill Maher show he ecourages people to go out hunting and fishing, which is victimising another group purely because they look differently.
    So racism is not okay, but speciesism is?!
    Aye, let’s protect ONE group, but not the OTHER!
    What a HYPOCRITE!!
    And looting is okay, too?!
    What is this muppet-fucker doing with a microphone? I wouldn’t trust him with a rattle, and for all intents and purposes he has the moral maturity of a child.

  • Jek Tono Porkins 3 months ago

    Have the people that use the “they have insurance” argument ever actually had to use insurance? Do they understand what premiums and deductibles are? Do they understand that if businesses are perceived by the insurance companies to be in a dangerous area that their premiums will be jacked up, particularly after a riot? Do they understand that after months of either being closed or operating under severe restrictions because of covid-19 that many businesses may not have the cash on hand to pay the deductible for the damaged building? That’s literally the dumbest fucking thing ever. Let me go destroy your car…you have insurance, right? So what’s the problem?

  • Mario Fernandes 3 months ago

    Interesting how people in all developed and civilized countries don’t feel the need to have a gun to feel protected. Could the solution be not having a society of winners and losers, a dog-eat-dog society, a segregated society? America is becoming more insane and third world by the minute.

  • Lord_NeKr0 3 months ago

    Is it any surprise someone named Killer Mike with a group called Run The Jewels is advocating destruction of property?

  • Brad Maguire 3 months ago

    Covid, the riots, all that is happening is that small businesses are being destroyed and big businesses are making record profits, you morons destroying shit are doing nothing to change the status quo, and what did those 1992 riots lead to as killer mike pointed out: more state funded programs that do nothing to engender small business growth and that lead to the individual becoming more dependent on the thing they complain of, the state to fix their problems, learn some damn history, if you think any of this shit is going to resolve legitimate problems with state control then your not paying attention to all the major corporations that are funding this nonsense, because duh they’re making out like bandits, meanwhile all you idiots who dont learn anything from the past are unwittingly and ironically just doing what they told you, but go ahead and wear a che Guevara shirt to make yourself feel better.

  • Thawed Antarctican 3 months ago

    For everybody who didn’t catch it;

    He didn’t say he actively supports property damage, he is just saying that he UNDERSTANDS why people may inevitably do it out of anger and opportunism and that in the grand scheme of everything insurance is in place to replace certain damages.

    Before you comment, I don’t support any of the property damage that took place. It is abhorent what was done, especially to small businesses, and took away from the important message. But in the grand scheme of everything, I can understand that point of view of “property can and/or will be replaced, lives can’t”. The fact I UNDERSTAND does not mean I EXCUSE that behavior.

    As for the deaths of people trying to defend their businesses, yes, it is horrific and CANNOT be ignored. It needs to be addressed and covered.

    The situation we are in as a country cannot be ignored any longer.

  • Anthony K 3 months ago

    There goes my support for BLM. Destroying property doesn’t do anything except create more division and hatred.

  • Darren Walsh 3 months ago

    Lost all respect for Mike.

  • laxmannate07 3 months ago

    Killer Mike showed up to protests wearing a shirt that said “kill your master.” How can you justify destroying an innocent persons property or business, because you’re “full of rage?” How about we teach people to channel their rage in a more productive way? Way to push back Bill. As real as you are about Religion you are a coward about challenging anything to do with race.

  • M17 3 months ago

    This is disgusting and miserable. People like this guy are the real problem. No clue about what a civilized society means.


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