Michael Keaton Was Intimidated by Jack Nicholson on the Set of Batman

Published on October 23, 2020

Michael Keaton describes his experience working in Aaron Sorkin’s new film The Trial of the Chicago 7, reveals he was intimidated by Jack Nicholson while shooting Batman and shares his experience voting in his first election.

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  • Harly Barintnall 2 years ago

    That’s a great question

  • Steven Rauschelbach 2 years ago

    Dr. Atlas…pretty cool.

  • nelliebly 2 years ago

    He might still be feeding mayonnaise to the tuna, Or feeding Tuna to mayonnaise.
    If you’re a fan of Michael’s sine Night Shift you will know what that means.

  • Star Observers 2 years ago

    So mike ended up being the clone of the clone in the end. Age brings multiplicity

  • tony b 2 years ago

    Who in the hell knew how hilarious Michael Keaton on coffee was?!

  • Taternator419 2 years ago

    Way to drop a traumatic gem of a headline to reel my interest in.

  • erebus kraken 2 years ago

    Batman and the Joker are pals!? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ari S 2 years ago

    Honestly – Ramsay Clark was the best character in the story. Awesome movie!

  • Meechie Baby 2 years ago

    Sweet Steelers hat! Nice to know that he still thinks of home.

  • Omega 2 years ago

    Beetlejuice is afraid of a little mouth spray….. He was spraying everywhere in beetlejuice and it was awesome!!!! Don’t let the media turn you all into howard hughes cowards….. Q u a r a n t I n e….. Bottles of piss, unopened milk, and burned clothes…. Lol

  • Amanda Shaheen 2 years ago

    Love Michael Keaton. Go vote everyone!
    220, 221 whatever it takes to vote!

  • John 2 years ago

    DANG IT, KEATON! I was a big fan until 7:06! #WHODEY

  • Amanda Shaheen 2 years ago

    Go Stillers!!!!!! (That’s Steelers for anyone without a Pittsburgh accent 😉)

  • russ9696962 2 years ago

    3:13 He’s even got the crew laughing

  • Naddy J 2 years ago

    What a lovely interview my cheeks hurt from laughing so much MK is a legend and still my fave Batman! 🖤

  • jack mjauson 2 years ago

    -Hi, what’s your name?
    -I’m Batman.

  • toms dotter 2 years ago

    Michael Keaton is one of our best.

  • Jason Flay 2 years ago

    “What Jack Nicholson said”…….. Yea, pretty sure it was more what Jack Nicholson passed around…..

  • S Miller 2 years ago

    What we all want to know: when will Keaton say *yes* to reprising role in _Batman Beyond_


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