Michael Bloomberg on His Game Plan for Trump Political Ads and the Super Bowl

Published on January 29, 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg breaks down his strategy for targeting Trump in political ads and explains how being a registered Democrat, Republican and Independent helps his candidacy.

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  • the king of cool 4 months ago

    He’s Hillary Clinton with a penis

  • TinyGreenTurtles 4 months ago

    Wow. I had no idea Bloomberg founded gay marriage. Just what we need, another blowhard claiming everything.

  • Jamie King 4 months ago

    Wussup wussup wussupppp. I personally don’t want this guy to be president. But he seems nice. Idk…

  • Shablamant 4 months ago

    Was he implying that he is using the same strategy as did Facebook with Cambridge Analytica? What the f***?

  • ComicsLegend 4 months ago

    All this damn money being spent on political ads could have gone towards helping the homeless , the sick, etc. What a huge waste of money by all these politicians being spent on these ads.

  • infinite145 4 months ago

    R.I.P KOBE

  • Fahria Sharmin 4 months ago

    Rip kobe bryant

  • Jibril El-khatib 4 months ago

    Who else hates Donald trump comment if you do

  • D. Roberts 4 months ago

    240 million on ads. Sad that this is what can get a person elected to the office. What I could do with that much money. Feed clothe and educate kids.

  • Darth Vader 4 months ago

    240 million??? The empire doesn’t share the same view as yours…

  • Heather D. 4 months ago

    You too can be a Presidential candidate if you have billions of dollars…you don’t even need any qualifications…oh, but it does help if you’re over 70.

  • Angelo Greene 4 months ago

    When Bloomberg states that if trump replies, that means trump thinks you’re a threat.
    This is false, he thinks he can beat you. I would not give publicity to someone he deems a threat, all press is good press

    My own thoughts:
    Ignore him for Pete’s sake please. I’m not even on a side but if you are a dem please ignore trump, if you are a rep ignore the feminist/lgbtq people.
    See if your ideas hold up for a while with the people you are aiming them at are no longer in the picture, you have shunned them.
    When it doesnt work out and you guys realize you are all idiots dont come crying to who ever you call daddy yo ??‍♂️

  • GROWTH ADVISOR 4 months ago

    Majority of the comments:
    “If your reading this, you’ll be great one day!”
    Thank you.????

  • ZAIN ABBAS 4 months ago

    Awesome, thats exactly what AMERICA needs,,,,, another Billionaire. Awesome.

  • SouthWestFinest 4 months ago

    Donald trump dropped a nuke in Iran. Like to undo

  • randall2020 4 months ago

    Whatever has this asshole ever done other than robbing working people?

  • Darth Vader 4 months ago

    Ew Bloomberg ????

  • Giacomo 4 months ago

    240 millions wasted ? Andrew Yang is in front of you and didn’t spent even 1/4 of that fortune.
    You can’t buy good ideas.

  • Toke Asaurus420 4 months ago

    It’s weird because jimmy himself is an ad

  • exaddict 4 months ago

    Taking the Donald Trump approach, but this time as a jew liberal. Respect


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