Miami’s Spring Break Problem | The Daily Show

Published on April 5, 2019

After years of being a top spring break destination for college kids, Miami Beach is resorting to unusual measures to try to get the rowdy crowds under control.



  • Evil Lyn 1 year ago

    All they need to do is point out that the whole state has Trump cooties!

  • A S 1 year ago

    As a Miami local resident….spring break is the time you DO NOT GO TO ANY THE BEACHES AND TO SOUTH BEACH….people go freaking nuts its ridiculous….like there was a fight at a BK parking lot in front of the Miami Police how stupid n fucked up u gotta be…and its alllll out of towners.

  • A BETTER ME 1 year ago

    Did you notice the guy and lady behind the old woman…they were completely fine with the naked women lol

  • Johra Taleb 1 year ago

    Hilarious ? ???

  • Yin Yang 1 year ago

    That commercial worked.

  • Tamaras 1 year ago


  • T Will 1 year ago

    Did anyone catch when Trevor says he has been married to a guy for 10 years? Where did that come from? Was he just making a joke?

  • Shmuggz 1 year ago

    Welp… who’s in charge of making the Trevor EDM edit?
    It’s obligatory ?

  • Boyd Gilbreath 1 year ago


  • Canadox 1 year ago

    There were recently famous DJs there.

  • Fresco gedime 1 year ago


  • Francis Lumley 1 year ago

    Now I’ve finally seen it all. I’m done.

  • TypeInNameHere 1 year ago

    Learn from Trump, build wind turbines

  • hobbicles28 1 year ago

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  • molly cruz 1 year ago

    As to DJ cops, we lived near a fire station in NYC, and I wondered then, as every hour or so they left the station screaming sirens blasting us to mental numbness; “Why couldn’t they just play Wagner’s “Flight of the Valkyries” instead? ” Also, since as far as I know, deaf people are allowed to drive, “Couldn’t they just have the lights? There’s no mistaking those lights!”

  • nahom michael 1 year ago

    Can u talk abt nipssy hussle……what are u not calling out black community LA……???????

  • Einstein Gray 1 year ago

    “The cocaine here is the good sh*t”

  • Xenophene01 1 year ago


  • Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht 1 year ago

    Fort Lauderdale had a similar problem in the 60’s. It was the place where kids came for spring break. Once they were out of college, many moved there or took vacations there, but the rowdiness of spring break offended the retiree residents and the mayor had cops crack down with lots of arrests, closing roads leading to bars and beaches, new laws that closed the bars early, just anything they could think of to put a lid on it. Now there are abandoned hotels on Fort Lauderdale beach. Many of the remaining hotels are being converted to condos. The rest of the city has become a slum and is a mere shadow of its former self. But Cancun thanks them for making their city what it is today! Go ahead Miami, don’t you want to be the next Fort Lauderdale?

  • CF Jahren 1 year ago

    where’s your bernie interview.


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