Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman Discuss Women’s Rights – The Graham Norton Show

Published on October 13, 2015

Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman discuss the reality behind the women’s rights movement displayed in the movie Suffragette.

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  • Batman 1964 4 years ago


  • SeeTheBeeRight 4 years ago

    I just love hearing them talk, they have such calming voices and talk about
    this all with so much passion.

  • Dony S. 4 years ago

    olright olright olright we get it………>>>>>>>

  • Otto-Jan van der Burg 4 years ago

    I love women. I’m a man and I’m glad to live in this century

  • Dee Zee 4 years ago

    These are the type of women people, especially younger girls, should be
    looking up to: sophisticated, accomplished, smart women. It’s unfortunate
    people like Kim Kardashian get all the attention and give the younger
    generation of girls a false impression of what a successful or accomplished
    woman is.

  • Peta Rina 4 years ago

    Taking in the serenity of this brief period of a majority of the comments
    being positive, before all the meninists, #NotAllMen, trolls arrive.
    Anything with “Women’s Rights” in the title attracts the clash of tumblr
    users and 4 chan users, but in a way that only seeks to validate what these
    women are fighting for. *Womens rights shouldn’t be controversial, it
    should be what everyone is fighting for*.

  • sahel Jade 4 years ago

    Meryl is such a sweetheart. I mean she really is just such a down-to-earth

  • Jeraldine Otero 4 years ago

    I love this. They aren’t talking about clothes or hot guys, but a
    conversation about changing the world.

  • schönling 4 years ago

    Carey is such a goddess.

  • Nilguiri 4 years ago

    The lighting is horrendous.

  • TheMacGuy 4 years ago

    Women have ALWAYS had the right to vote, only people who owned land could
    vote 3% of the population could vote 100 years ago. There are quite a few
    records of women voting because they owned land. These people do not know
    the real history and it irritates me.

  • Adline Writes 4 years ago

    loved this

  • Vickeisha Lall 4 years ago

    Carey Mulligan is so pretty *sigh*


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