Meredith Hagner on Crazy Edible Experience, Loving The Bachelor & Final Season of Search Party

Published on January 28, 2022

Meredith talks about being a huge fan of “The Bachelor,” getting her husband Wyatt Russell into the show, taking him to sit in the audience of “After the Final Rose,” being a model for Post-Its, trying to impress the cast of her show “Search Party” by eating an edible at the wrap party, and being so high that she watched the same episode of “Game of Thrones” over and over again. 

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  • 929 day 11 months ago

    Madarchod kam parchar dala Karo yat

  • Barry Lyndon 11 months ago

    Edibles will leave you pantsless in the black widow spidery wine cellar catacombs without gravity or pants cause sometimes its 5 mg THC sometimes its 50 mg THC sometimes it’s 500 mg THC sometimes its not even THC as there is no regulation and next thing you know your on lsdwine with a gollumwizard named Valuemart who tattoos your cerebellum with cotton candy ink made of dinosaur bones and a bathtub full of Ben and Jerry’s double fudge hashish Kroll show Publizity Yogurt Water Lightning Pyramids

  • Tyler Jackson 11 months ago

    She looks like Kate Hudson

  • loveforeignaccents 11 months ago

    She resembles Kate Hudson looks-wise, but she is annoying and obnoxious AF.

  • Kenneth Gilbert 11 months ago

    …thats gotta be related to goldie hawn somehow

  • Renita 11 months ago

    Hold up.. I literally thought this was Kate Hudson and she’s married to Kate Hudson’s brother… Weeeird.

  • debbiedoodiedandi 11 months ago

    It’s funny – her brother and sister in law are doing an interview right now on the competing late night show

  • Patti Chambley 11 months ago

    Edibles are strong not terrible

  • Brianna O'Neil 11 months ago

    Love Meredith. She’s hilarious!! 💗💗💗

  • Joe Budd 11 months ago

    Kate Hudson has always looked nice

  • elgranchet 360 11 months ago


  • Tijuana Smith 11 months ago

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