Melissa Rauch Hurled Herself into Piles of Garbage to Find Her Soulmate

Published on January 6, 2023

Melissa Rauch talks about her love for sweatpants, working with John Larroquette on the Night Court reboot and the early days of her stand-up comedy career in New York City.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Big Lou's Clubhouse 1 year ago

    Can we take a minute and say that the classic Dan Fielding “SQUEELQ” was like no time at all has passed!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some John Larroquette and cannot WAIT to watch this show!!

  • Stéphane Clerc 1 year ago

    Holy christ, Seth looks like a giant

  • dimitreze 1 year ago

    wow, a sitcom
    who tf would still watch that crap?!?
    the clip of her show looks absolutely bad
    it’s such a low bar, she should be embarassed

  • James Beard 1 year ago

    Still always slightly surreal to hear Melissa’s real voice and the fact that she doesn’t sound like Bernadette in real life …

  • Guerilla Grue Plays 1 year ago

    How, HOW, did I not know that they were bringing Night Court back?


    I’m not normally a big sitcom fan… but come on, it’s Night Court.

  • Jo Freddie 1 year ago

    In “CDC Warns that New Omicron COVID Variant Is on the Rise” you stated “George Santos was sworn in today as a member of the house of representatives” Lots of Jeckels pointed out that Santos can’t be sworn in until a new speaker is sworn in. Yet in that week’s corrections “CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, January 2” you failed to cover this, is this why you stipulated that in 2023 there would be no call backs as you are refusing to cover this correction?

  • Matthew Smith 1 year ago

    God, this tiny woman is so hot she’s a freaking forest fire!

  • Alda Kendall 1 year ago

    She’s pregnant isn’t she?

  • dermot font 1 year ago

    4ft 11″ of teeny tiny Dynamite!

  • Cuzn Ed 1 year ago

    There are few things in the world more delightful than a beautiful woman dressed comfortably.

  • Jo Ann Ephraim 1 year ago

    I’m sorry, I don’t care who you are, don’t come to my house and sit on my couch with your dirty shoes messing up my upholstery. Ughhh #BarnyardBehaviour

  • Tonya Richards 1 year ago

    Her beautiful hair!

  • Megs 1205 1 year ago

    Dude! Who chose the pic for this video!!!!


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