Melissa McCarthy Stood on the Side of the Road to Cheer Up Mariska Hargitay | The Tonight Show

Published on August 16, 2021

Melissa McCarthy talks about recording her voice for Amazon Alexa, shares the crazy way she cheered up Mariska Hargitay after she broke her ankle and what it was like to shoot her show Nine Perfect Strangers with Nicole Kidman in Australia.

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  • Todd Clark 1 year ago

    Thanks buddy that was really fun tell Melissa we said hello y’all have a beautiful night it’s time for me to lay down buddy I ain’t feeling too good later

  • ITA 1 year ago


  • Lu 1 year ago

    Ok, but where’s Nicole?

  • Alan Ramsay 1 year ago

    Still have to see Pottersville but it seems like pretty ridiculous plot wise for Michael Shannon.

  • Aliexpress Amazon 1 year ago


  • dawn garmon 1 year ago

    The suri/melissa game, for the word Jerk you should’ve asked Melissa “What do you call a person who serves fountain soda in the old days” But i suppose neither one of you are old enough to think of that! <3 lol love the show!

  • david young 1 year ago

    she’s soo beautiful

  • Aliza 1 year ago

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