Melania’s Christmas tree ornaments notice Trump is losing it

Published on December 1, 2020

Melania Trump’s Christmas tree ornaments are not blind to what’s going on in the rest of the White House. Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 12/2/2020

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  • mrscary3105 2 months ago

    Fuck… That was Seth Green! (Very cool)

  • kaykay21 2 months ago

    Melania will have a great Xmas present 🎁 for Donny.. a Divorce 🤧

  • kyRee Elain Prohm 2 months ago

    Anyone else think her belt is getting higher? Hope she is well

  • M Masters 2 months ago

    Tales of TREASON from Amistad Project
    They tell the TREASON story with Numbers.

    Clearly, Postal Supervisors were in on The Steal of our election.

    Excellent Details of Circumstantial Anomalies – again and again – all pointing to TREASON.

    “Whiskey for our WarFighters
    & Treason for All Cheaters”


  • misopaste27 2 months ago

    I love their voices

  • Howard Dickson 2 months ago

    What did one ball say to the other… Why should we hang when little Donnie did the dirty work…

  • Fernando Astudillo 2 months ago

    🛫🛫✈👍🚀🚀🚚🚛🚲🚚👋👋👋ARE YOU READY TO MOVE OUT?????
    ASAP…..WE HOPE…..

  • Music Lover 2 months ago

    How much tax payers hard earned money did this cost America?
    While people are dying daily from Covid19
    And going hungry
    This is Disgusting
    Trump’s been playing golf since the election. Trump talks about what’s going on in American, except that he won the election which he lost. Trump spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money to investigate something that never happened
    And now Trump the ConMan is getting 170 million dollars , and more coming in daily , sent to him . He is telling people I need your help with trying to investigate fraud that never happened but he’s really taking the money to use for whatever he wants to after he leaves the White House. Trump is a ConMan and what he is doing should be against the law.
    I hope he goes to prison for life

  • Wesmin 2 months ago

    First time in four years the Whitehouse Christmas decorations aren’t a horror show.

  • Ocelot S 2 months ago

    They should put all that family in jail…

  • Vader 2 months ago

    If she divorces him does she get half the country?

  • rockubtzer 2 months ago

    OMG Too many trees, she has left no room for Jesus! I hear she wanted to screw all the Douglas-fir trees in lew of two rows of decorated Hanukkah bushes.

  • Vee Macks 2 months ago

    How quickly will she be gone once Donnie Darko is kicked out of that place. I reckon she’ll give him an ultimatum along the lines of give me 50 million and I’ll never say a word about you to anyone, or I’ll write a tell-all book and make 50 million off that … your choice orange boy.

  • Kay Uwe Böhm 2 months ago

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  • Laura Silvey 2 months ago

    She doesn’t even like Christmas let alone for the American people 🇺🇸😡yep get to stepping lady out of the White House , and let our beautiful Dr. Jill Biden come on in and do a much better job then what you could ever do! , Jill Biden in all her beauty and grace ! 💙✌️🇺🇸💯🎄

  • Chimi Cheese 2 months ago

    I’ll be happy with a First “Lady” doesn’t wear 1990’s Russian call-girl bangs.

  • Tahtahme's Diary 2 months ago

    I don’t want to see the first lady pouting around the ornate White House, just hire a designer and do scenery shots without her!

  • Île-de- France 2 months ago

    🚨👉 Must Watch *”GOPS GabrielSterling has had enough of Trump election garbage & tells him to hush”* on YouTube

  • JohnKazuma 2 months ago

    The reason why Melania hates Christmas is because…

    Santa keeps calling her hoe hoe hoe.
    Okay, I’m going to see my self out the door now.

  • clarita margherita 2 months ago



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