Melania’s Christmas Redemption & The CDC’s Vaccine Plan | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on December 2, 2020

Melania decorates the White House for Christmas, 40 sea turtles escape the cold, a silver monolith in Utah appears and disappears, France re-assesses a bill blocking the public from filming police, and the CDC discusses who gets a COVID vaccine first. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Headlines



  • Orion Crawford 2 years ago

    Sorry turtles you came the wrong week. It freezing down here 😫 now

  • kyle lopez 2 years ago


  • BC C 2 years ago

    Trevor gots this quarantining show dialed in! 😂

  • Magnus Bergner 2 years ago

    Since some rich people (the selfish a–hole variety) will find a way to scam their way to the front of the queue anyway, maybe reserve 1% of the produced vaccine for auction. The rest of each batch is distributed to those that need it most; health workers, elderly etc.

    But for those vials set to be sold, set the first batch to be sold with a minimum bid of 50 million dollars per dose and let the richest a–holes pay for most of the development costs in that way instead. Maybe sell the second batch for 45 million per dose, decreasing the cost with each batch as the production ramps up. In this way whilst 99% of the vaccine goes to those that need it most the remaining 1% pay for everything.

    For me that sounds like a win-win, some rich people get to jump the queue a few months but they have to pay enough for that privilege to get the rest of us vaccinated for free. If someone is rich and not an a–hole they might bid for several vials and donate them to people in need thus both helping defray the cost and helping people, just maybe do that when production has ramped up so that an auctioned dose costs _a_ million instead of 50.

  • Gohan Is Underrated 2 years ago

    Still think the monolith thing is like a publicity stunt for like a game or movie or whatever.

  • BooknerdJebbi 2 years ago

    This was the first time I thought of Melania as a good person. Christmas is a scam to buy shit, it’s terrible for the environment. I’d be the exact same, what the hell does Christmas decorations have to do with actually problems in real life lol.

  • confidence nwachukwu 2 years ago

    Trevor your french accent is hilarious

  • J VC 2 years ago

    Vaccine Order- The same people who got the tests first. Rich, Hollywood, Sports and their friends and gamily.

  • Music by A.D 2 years ago

    Donald Trump: “we are going to bring back Christmas”
    Melania Trump: “haha, no we aren’t.”

  • Samuel Wiley 2 years ago

    Aliens don’t use rivets, they fuse weld.

  • W 2 years ago

    They should just release the vaccine in a trickle and each release can. Be done by e-Bay auction. Why? Because in America, everything is for sale.

  • Ms Isyla 2 years ago

    You definitely have too much time on your hands when you can complain about work other people are doing for you. The most “work” she did was the walk through for that video clip/photo op. 🙄

  • Morgan Von Hoene 2 years ago

    What’s with this show and hating on spirit airlines lmao

  • WPFLAWLESS 2 years ago

    Humans can’t even handle seeing other humans of a different color. So unless those “aliens ” look like middle class white people we’re gonna get absolutely destroyed because of racism

  • Darsh Parekh 2 years ago

    While he’s kiddin’, he’s spot on with we absolutely gotta save Trevor. He’s a world treasure.

  • Ftarwp Ppapos 2 years ago

    Why waste taxpayer money on that bullshit…

  • Sweetz Lovin 2 years ago

    They have the order wrong with that back scene it should be the healthcare workers first and then children because they are our futures anyone under 25 should get the vaccine first anyone over 25 have to wait you’ve lived your life that’s just my opinion

  • Cin Yan Ng 2 years ago

    The monolith is in Romania now fyi

  • Joyful Luv 2 years ago

    Stop bringing up the Xmas part that’s so stupid

  • catrionaakacat 2 years ago

    Awwww 🐢 🐢 🐢 cute


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