Melania Trump’s Power Play, Kanye West’s Firefighters & The NFL-“Fortnite” Deal | The Daily Show

Published on November 17, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump calls for a national security adviser to be fired, Kanye West hires private firefighters to protect his house, and “Fortnite” partners with the NFL.



  • Namida 2 years ago

    ‘ *Honor* serving the white house.’

  • Ja Biezel 2 years ago

    I think the most shocking part of the story that no one has seemed to mention so far is that Deputy Security Advisor Ricadel is a Repubelican.

  • Kid Adventures 2 years ago

    Befor all of these came out, I was asking myself why rich ppl wouldn’t hire private fire fighters

  • Love Spreader 2 years ago

    We see you Colin ??

  • Caleb Clunie 2 years ago

    Lamborghini fire truck?
    Reminds me of this Lotus ambulance.

    FYI: They are using jetpacks to aid in firefighting, in Dubai.

    Welcome, to the technology of the previous century.
    I’m so frustrated, that the teleportation technology is not being used effectively. Saves trillions of dollars, per year, on road repairs, and can bring fresh water to dry areas. I don’t see much game being changed 21st century.
    I’m looking at you, “Ice Road Truckers”!

  • A okay All day 2 years ago

    Good for you kimye! I would have done the same if I had money like that.

  • med karmo 2 years ago

    Slovenian bitch controls ??

  • susi sangren 2 years ago

    These Firefighters were from the Insurance companys it was on the News here .The Insurance companies have a private Firefighter agency with several 100 Trucks and Personnel that helped to save Homes that are Insured through them. But not only for the Rich they did in N..California also .

  • Sheri 2 years ago

    She, no, longer, deserts to be best

  • skleroosis 2 years ago

    If I had a 60 million home, or any home to be honest, and could afford some firefighters to protect it you bet I’d do it. Sometimes I think people get confused about what types of rich privilege to complain about. Then again if he tries to weirdly present it as being motivated by protecting the neigbourhood he deserves to be made fun of a bit. There’s nothing wrong with saying he just wanted to protect his home. It’s not like he abused public funds to do so.

  • thanks 2 years ago

    I don’t see anything wrong about what Kanye did

  • Pedro Salazar 2 years ago

    Another Russian mole . She’s not at all interested in our national security !

  • MRTN13 2 years ago

    Melania is just as bad as Trump. Stop glorifying power hungry Eastern European prostitutes who don’t give a fuck about anything but $$$. This cyberbully thing is a big joke if you’re married to one. Trip to Africa was a luxury trip and had no use, American taxpayers will pay for it anyway. She’s doesn’t care. It’s even on her jacket.

  • LegacyFTW 2 years ago

    Private firefighting companies are common in places with high value properties where prevention is more important and effective than actually being there to put out the fire once it’s started. These teams typically clear large sections of wooded areas around the perimeter of the properties to prevent any possible spread from the main wildfire.

  • Dennis Dowd 2 years ago

    Melania Trump is a female prostitute. Going down on Trump just once would cause me to commit suicide, period!!!! Surely an indication that one’s life has gone terribly wrong.

  • Kim Coates 2 years ago

    Melania can drag Chump around by his little ‘pee-pee’ as much as she wants. She’s not using it for anything else. BTW, Kanye’s insurance company hired private firefighters. It beats writing a check for over $60 million if the house gets destroyed.

  • Dado2015 Alhasany 2 years ago

    Good luck America, the call girl control the national security of the country, not to mention the conservative principal of Pu… Grabbing which helped Trump to get the vote of those evangilicals. Ohhh

  • Dennis Dowd 2 years ago

    Football is such a dangerous sport it needs to be outlawed. Watching people damage their brains forever, so you can drink beer, over eat on unhealthy snacks is just plain wrong!

  • S Brown 2 years ago

    I wonder if Malania is mad n had her fired b/c The advisor (stylist) had her wearing the old colonial outfit n rec’d bad press, humm?

  • mercedes gomez 2 years ago

    wouldn’t it be funny if Melania was actually one of Putin’s agents? JS


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