Mehdi Hasan – Assessing the Last Democratic Presidential Debate of 2019 | The Daily Show

Published on December 26, 2019

The Intercept’s senior columnist Mehdi Hasan analyzes the Democratic candidates’ talking points from the December debate and offers advice to voters. #TheDailyShow #MehdiHasan



  • Saad Cheema 9 months ago

    Democrats gonna loose that’s for sure they don’t even have single candidates who can face Trump.

  • We Can Do Better 9 months ago

    Why do you guys always marginalize Yang? There’s never a positive thing it’s always ended with “but he can’t win”… anyone else you say oh they had a good night they brought some good points up but with Yang it’s always a negative to try to tell people he can’t win WTF

  • Ol Oem 9 months ago

    Democrats really have two candidates, Warren and Sanders. Whoever wins should pick the other as a running mate and when they win , yang should get a major job where he can put his ideas to work

  • Sejad Huseinbašić 9 months ago

    Such a nice and pleasant surprise it is while watching this superjournalist being a guest in this show?

  • Wall E 9 months ago

    Im agree with Mehdi ji.

  • Chris Sham 9 months ago

    I really like what he says about the idea of measuring “electability” being nonsense.

  • qotyop 9 months ago

    I would say Yang also appeals to POC, go check out his rallies

  • Sergio Mendez 9 months ago

    It’s Bernie bitch

  • Augustine Raymann 9 months ago

    No idea why people are attacking Mehdi Hasan based on his personal matters. At the present time, Mehdi is one of the best journalist and political commentator available. Credit where credit is due.

  • Gotlyfe 9 months ago

    Misunderstanding Yang 🙁
    How unfortunate.

  • Krasus Dumat 9 months ago

    4 years of fascism… I can see why he is a pundit.

  • aworldofsalsa awos 9 months ago

    I feel like his assessment is more honest than the “pros” on CNN or MSNBC who seem to be trying to push or “spin” for “establishment” candidates.

  • Dr Jordan Maisey 9 months ago

    The way Medhi moves looks like he’s on double YouTube speed.

  • Lori Morse 9 months ago

    Buttigieg does not have million of personal wealth like the others…they see him as a real challenge. Pete for 2020!

  • Justin Sorensen 9 months ago

    And Yang

  • Nirmal Raj 9 months ago

    dunno if everyone noticed Trevor trying his best to defend wine cave Pete… quite obvious the dnc wants mayor Pete as a candidate so these democratic leaning shows are pushing the agenda for Pete butigieg… but mehdi hassan destroys Trevor’s arguments for mayor Pete!
    .. I hope you are seeing this people!

  • Eugene Ax 9 months ago

    Yang Gang and/or Feel the Bern

  • Chiem Saechao 9 months ago

    This guy is part of the new media problem. They cover only the candidates they want to win. Yang made great talking points and clearly speaks to a lot of people since he’s still in the race, but see how quickly Yang is dismissed when he’s brought up?

  • Ian Lundholm 9 months ago

    ???Yang Gang! Here he is on H3 if you are curious:

  • devarshi091 9 months ago

    Mehdi Hasan also predicted Labour Party will win in UK? & we know how it ended.


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