Megyn Kelly | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on January 25, 2020

Journalist Megyn Kelly joins Bill to discuss the media and political correctness in the age of Trump.

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  • Ivaylo Iontchev 4 months ago

    I’m disappointed in Bill. He has gotten soft. He didn’t ask her any tough questions. How come she stayed at Fox for so many years, making a career and money, while all the shit was going on? Most of the women assaulted there left with nothing and have no careers afterwards. She had a law degree and career to fall back on. Yet she kept silent for so long until it was beneficial to her to start speaking. And she is still not saying everything that has gone on there….just hinting that there is more, until someone pays her to say more. It’s all about the Benjamins, as always.

  • LaGuan Hayes 4 months ago

    Well, she’s not physically unattractive which is a contribution I would welcome in mouthwash advertising or perhaps hair shampoo. Otherwise, what important contribution has she made to journalism? Perhaps she could, right now, explain her bias towards Obama versus her “toleration” of Trump’s misogyny towards her. In her own words she just admitted Trump attacked her relentlessly while Obama did not.

  • Rocky Kavuri 4 months ago

    Remember when Megyn said that Jesus was a white man? Yeah, voice of reason all right.

  • m8a 4 months ago

    Oh boy. The hypocrisy in the US is rampant. The point Bill makes at around 8:25. There is a core hypocrisy in the US that needs a social cleansing. One is to reinvigorate the true meaning of “The American Dream”. It’s gotten lost in “do nothing and get rich doing nothing”. The hypocrisy in that is huge and it’s why Americans are getting dumber all the time. Why learn anything when people get rich doing nothing? See what I mean? It’s bad. And it needs to stop. And the bad thing is, the right supports this. They know the truth, but hide it and rather show falsehoods about others (mainly on the left). Again, hypocritical. And these poor misled people are sucking it in, because they need to point the hate and frustration when the crap they’ve been given and following, “do nothing and get rich doing nothing” doesn’t pan out. “It’s the left that has caused my misery!!!!”. Fucking hell…..

  • Josh Cope 4 months ago

    God damn it… now I like Megyn Kelly… Never expected that to happen.

  • Kinsey Films 4 months ago

    So much respect for both of them, that right there was a perfect conversation!

  • Gil B 4 months ago

    I hope everyone is having a good night.

  • Balakumaran Karunakaran 4 months ago

    “Voice of reason” my brain jus exploded, isn’t she is the one that got outraged when someone drew Santa as a black person and said Jesus is white and we have historical facts to prove it ?

  • So B 4 months ago

    I’m watching Bill Maher sound more and more like a big fool.

  • Sopho Cles 4 months ago

    I really dont like her demeanor it’s like she completely lacks empathy and self awareness.

  • Robbie Lockhart 4 months ago

    “… It’s about demeaning you, it’s about subjugation, it’s about ‘can I control you?’.” Sounds an AWFUL LOT LIKE public education, and especially PUBLIC UNIVERSITY. Any Democrats (I know y’all love some public education) trying to fix that? I’ll vote for you in a heartbeat if you can prove it to me vs JUST SAYING IT TO ME… And yes, you’ll have to PROVE that you CAN actually FIX IT (my ears aren’t ticklish).

    Prove to me that you are testing my knowledge vs testing my ability to be programmed. But who are we kidding?… Communism doesn’t work in an educated society; only an indoctrinated society. (Made in China)

  • Goahead 4 months ago

    At this time in history of our country, I am proud to be a left wing than a right winger! ???

  • Lana Gramlich 4 months ago


  • Tarryl Benedetto 4 months ago

    8:00 For how many centuries are marginalized groups expected to be forgiving and civil about their oppression? I know outrage/ cancel culture is jarring for elite straight, rich, white people, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and now outrage is the only thing that will change things. The elites of America had almost 250 years to get it right. Now the ONLY way we can change the status quo is outrage and cancel culture. That’s called fuckin democracy and free speech. No one is perfect but if you have a public pedestal and you cant get it right, get the F out of the way for someone who can because there ARE people who can “get it” better than you do. Ya rich white precious snowflakes.

  • J C 4 months ago

    Based Maher

  • Giovanni di Capo 4 months ago


  • Douglas Koch 4 months ago

    Megan Kelly is full on completely wrong wrong wrong on CNN being left-wing. Maher had it correct..when you are covering an extreme right-wing lying exaggerating president…if you are in the center or telling the is going to “look” left-wing.

  • Vinny Angell 4 months ago

    who gives a fuck about her, Bill you suck hard now..

  • Timothy Allen 4 months ago

    The seven sisters and the five media company’s = competition.

  • Nitin Dubey 4 months ago

    Ms. holier-than-thou, pretending her life at Fox never happened.


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