Megyn Kelly on Race in Education | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on February 26, 2021

Journalist and podcast host Megyn Kelly joins Bill to discuss whether progressives’ overwhelming focus on race in the social justice movement will have the opposite effect of the one they intend.

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  • Ekagra Nigam 2 years ago

    4:47 wtf!?

  • D A 2 years ago

    This is brainwashing, pure and simple. And to subject 8 year old children to this nonsense? The people who created this curriculum should be thrown in jail for psychological crimes against children.

  • Shahniaz Arafath 2 years ago

    So Bill chose to have this conversation with someone who thinks Santa is white and used to be a propaganda mouthpiece of Murdoch media!

  • the Rock 2 years ago

    Megyn is so expensive that I’m so surprised that Maher can afford her to the show. lol.

  • nicebluejay 2 years ago

    God help us

  • Dark Maths 2 years ago

    It’s a poorly worded thought exercise. That’s it. I thought conservatives were supposed to be against the victim culture. And yet once again they’re being oppressed by something else. This crap would be a little more palatable if it at least acknowledged there was a concentrated effort within the rightwing movement to force textbooks to play down the role of slavery has had in the development of our nation, while at the same time making sure the contributions of people of color end up on the cutting room floor. PragerU, which is actually being used as teaching resource in many schools across the country, literally put out a slavery apologetics video just a few weeks. But when rightwingers might have admit they fucked up worse than than the last time, there’s always someone like Maher to give them out. But hey, it’s easier for him to get weed now so the struggle must be over.

  • Shepp Husky 2 years ago

    I’ve been a labral my entire life. I never saw or cared about race, even when I experienced racism as a white kid growing up in a Mexican neighborhood. I never even considered race, only who the individual was that I was talking to. Now all I can see is race and gender and I hate it. This piece of shit movement has done the exact opposite of what it says it’s doing.

  • Chris Jackson 2 years ago

    Bill, the last weekend of Black history month, and this is who you book. An attractive blond millionaire in low cut dress complaining about the plight of her affluent private school children getting exposed to some diverse liberal perspectives and that is somehow a bridge too far. I’m sure the curriculum is far from perfect because it is new and is trying to include diversity and some historical realism. Let’s stick to the sanctity and purity of the Founding Fathers and American exceptionalism, because we seem to accept that delusion. Besides, the children will probably forget it faster than the Algebra we shove down their throats. Looking forward to reading my dislikes

  • Devan Young 2 years ago

    There definitely is a middle ground on how race can be taught in the K-12 system. Not speaking on the subject at all is still problematic lol

  • AussieMaleTuber 2 years ago

    I’m not American, or Consevative, or political or anti immigration or anything, but I saw that chart on an American Website with a 9th and probably unapproved proud category: Mighty Whitey! I bet the people who made it are not Snowflakes… .

  • hi 2 years ago

    Here’s a thought: Everyone is racist, at least at some point in their lives.

  • stimproid 2 years ago

    Yuri Bezminof has some interesting thins to say about this. There is a 13 minute version of an interview he did in the 80’s on Youtube. Definitely worth a watch.

  • Kevin T 2 years ago

    I’ve been watching since crazy shit unfold since 2013 thinking not enough people care to crush it. I’m finally starting to think people are starting to get it. Unfortunately for 4 years Trump distracted us from this cult.

  • My Tale 2 years ago

    Never drive on the left or right, always drive in the center.

  • Drewed 2 years ago

    Those were cherrypicked quotes and not from the curriculums that Kelly claims. Come on, this is Megyn “jesus and santa are white, it’s a fact” Kelly. You know what she’s reporting is an exaggeration. Maher platforms white supremacists for the provocative reputation. His lack of understanding of their tactics is lazy. I guarantee his prep for these shows has gone down in the past few years.. he doesn’t seem to know enough to pressure the racists and fascists that he invites.

  • LKNANML 2 years ago

    We grew up with Mcgruff crime dog, GIJOE “Knowing is half the battle” and with keys in hand (latch key kids). High school is where I got “activated”. Mainly about the Iraq war in the 90s. (Fun fact. I found myself deployed to Iraq in 2010 and vividly recall supporting our troops in the 90s war) So we had a childhood and not a forced preteen adult-hood like her kids. Some friends came out as gay/les in High School but it wasn’t a surprise and more like they decided who they wanted to be. I don’t know. Maybe my generation actually talked to each other growing up without having others get into their face and go crazy PC on them.


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