Megan Rapinoe Wants to Work with US Soccer in the Fight for Equal Pay

Published on July 16, 2019

Megan Rapinoe talks about the pressure to win the World Cup, the fight for equal pay and the victory parade of the United States women’s national soccer team.

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  • Sepehr Daghbandan 9 months ago

    Isn’t there any other player in the female soccer TEAM, as I recall they are 23 players in the total squad (11 in the pitch) with coaches and managers. Why is she getting all the attention?

  • Truth MODE 9 months ago

    It’s just business, they bring less revenue, profit and less games than the men’s. If they bring equal profits, equal pay won’t be a problem. What they want is equal pay for less work and profit. Seriously?

  • Kevin Strom 9 months ago

    I say thwy get equal pay. I also say the teams they are stomping should also have the same budget they have. How fair is it you’re spending millions more than the teams you’re beating?

  • Gareth Owen 9 months ago

    In terms of equal pay; the men’s World Cup generates vast amounts of wealth from huge crowds, sponsorship, TV revenues etc. Let’s be honest, the women’s World Cup ain’t the same. I appreciate the sentiment, but it isn’t like with like. It’s not like the Olympics were it is all the same event; one is the biggest sporting event on the planet, one is (to be honest) a relatively minor event; certainly in terms of wealth generated.

  • New Message 9 months ago

    Equal pay should be a no brainer… instead of being argued against by guys with no brains.

  • specialpatrolgroup92 9 months ago

    But- but- but- equal pay? That’s c’c’c’COMUNISM! RUN SCOOBS!

  • Glenn Smith 9 months ago


  • Marcel C 9 months ago

    WNBA players should get paid equal to their NBA counterparts as well ?… Love how every four years People seem to forget how basic economics work??‍♂️
    Women WC revenue 73m
    Men WC 2018 revenue 6bn

  • akaGiNX 9 months ago

    Women’s football isn’t as popular as males football. Why is this such a hard thing to understand? ?

    Women’s football is trash af.

  • David Edwards 9 months ago

    I fully agree about equal pay, however, my idea is to DROP the men’s pay to that of the women.
    Sportsmen get paid far too much for, what in reality is, playing games.
    Next thing you know kids will want to be paid for playing on the school team. Sports pays have to be brought under control, and definitely lowered.

  • Mr Grumblebum 9 months ago

    The womens team got paid more relatively than the men, They were paid a larger percentage of the income generated than the men were. Given that the men received more actual money that just points out the vast differences in income generated. I’m a great believer in equal pay for equal work, but if A produces less than B then it would be wrong for A to receive the same reward as B. oh, btw, since the football squad has around 20+ members, how come it is just this one woman who is receiving all the credit and all the glory? I’ve not seen anyone else but her in the media.

  • tomasn95 9 months ago

    I think some of these girls are getting overpaid. Yes, overpaid. Equal pay means equal salaries for equal work. She might be the best in the world. Do you think she’s as good as Messi or Cristiano? I don’t think so. Does she provide the same entertainment as them? Nope. Does she sell as many jerseys? Nope. If you want equal pay, turn football into a mixed sport and you’ll see how many women will play at top level and then you’ll see who’s getting overpaid. Look at Ronda Rousey and what she did on UFC. She knew how to sell and did a lot for the sport. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for Equal Pay, but not like this. Women at modelling get more than men as well, because they generate much more then men. And that is fine.

  • WriteEscape 9 months ago

    Except women soccer players get more money per head then the men

  • Lincoln Noronha 9 months ago

    I am brazilian and not only she plays awesome, but her answers are soooo much smarter than brazilian football players

  • Aubrey 9 months ago

    I always thought I was straight but omg I love her. She’s stunning with a badass soul.

    “I’m not goin to the fuckin White House” ????.

  • Bestjungmin 9 months ago

    Equal pay aside, the women’s team deserves equal care and attention- You can’t complain about how much revenue they’re bringing when they aren’t even treated the same way regarding training, match dates and so. I think people saying women’s team getting equally paid is absurd because they are bringing less revenue are not thinking everything through.

  • Anjali Baskar 9 months ago

    she’s attractive af i’m blushing

  • MrHothead099 9 months ago

    Look at all the faggots

  • Aaron Matas 9 months ago

    When you beat that u15 boys Dallas team, then talk about equal pay to the men…

  • LeJon Brames 9 months ago

    2019 women’s World Cup: $180 Million in revenue.
    2018 Men’s World Cup: $ 6 BILLION in revenue.
    Win or lose, all teams and players get paid EQUALLY in a world cup tournament. Do the math, and don’t be an ignorant snowflake.

    If You want women to make more money in football (soccer), go support your local women’s club.


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