Meet The White Women Empowering QAnon Part 1

Published on March 10, 2021

If you thought Mary Kay was the most dangerous thing recruiting white women, think again! Thanks to Instagram-friendly, Mom-approved branding, QAnon is attracting more white women than ever, from suburban housewives to Congresswomen. And much like a Crate and Barrel Black Friday sale, this could turn deadly. This is part 1 of 2.



  • Jordache Jordan 2 years ago

    Really good topic.

  • A P 2 years ago

    Ironic coming from a woman who fought for segregated schools

  • A P 2 years ago

    Amazing that a segregstionist is also a race baiter…but thats liberalism in 2021.

  • Louie Louie 2 years ago

    Gullible white women

  • Raymon Kravagna 2 years ago

    I only clicked on this to say how absolutely ridiculous this topic is and I can’t really believe anybody watches this hateful woman! I’ve only seen her commercials, but in every one she’s hating on somebody . I mean, is that what people find entertaining nowadays?

  • LMG 2 years ago

    R we live yet ?

  • dafttool 2 years ago

    The ignoble *Rebel Rouser,*
    Notorious Kit Kat Klub carouser,
    And his Q psyop Confederate Crew
    Spirit cooked a rotting brew
    Of demonizing hate & division,
    Spiced with implied Satanism.
    Casting aspersions of devilish intent,
    They hide their own complicit extent
    Behind sacrificial children seized at the border,
    Denying human rights *ALL* are to be afforded.


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