Meek Mill – Examining America’s Probation System with “Free Meek” | The Daily Show

Published on August 15, 2019

Rapper and activist Meek Mill talks about his own experience being on probation and the misconceptions people may have about how the criminal justice system works.



  • Excommunicado89 Kuahana540 5 months ago

    Fuck that its his fault he was on probation for so long. There are real injustice in america but ain’t one. He had one aimple rule not to break amd for 11 years he acted like he didnt give a fuck and atill don’t

  • Sathyvelu Kunashegaran 5 months ago

    I was just listening to what’s free by meek and this video dropped.

  • osicani joe 5 months ago

    I love Trevor and it’s good getting to see Meek free now

  • Edgar Diaz 5 months ago

    “I’ve been dru.. uuh enjoying”

  • Janet Baker 5 months ago

    Probation to me is stupid! You have served your time why are you still being punished??? There is no point to it except to put these people under stress to make them screw up so they end up back in jail so they make more money for the people who own the jails! It’s all a plan, it’s all instigated to work like this! And it is wrong!

  • RJinspire 5 months ago

    US legal system doesn’t protect people of colour. I’m traveling around the world, videoing my trip and posting whenever there’s internet connection

  • Preye Fid 5 months ago

    Every celebrity except Tommy lahren loves Trevor Noah 😂

  • Katrin S 5 months ago

    I thought when he said “traveling” he was gonna say “traveling abroad”… but he is going to Disneyland instead! 😂

  • Amey Nale 5 months ago

    His face looks like meeky mouse

  • Tamara Smith 5 months ago

    👍 for content
    but too many “you know”s, “uhh”s etc.

  • BAGO Tv 5 months ago

    so long as u meet nicki

  • MLG GAMER 5 months ago

    Yaaay I am so glad to see him out of probation and I am glad he’s helping out other people with the problems of the justice system. I really hope his and whoever is going to be president next (not Trump) will be able to rectify this issue

  • T Stan 5 months ago

    I enjoy when Trevor finds somebody uncultured or he apposes what someone represents he’ll constantly go at them with the questions that need to be answered but when he truly respects someone especially in the African American community he allows them to speak fully and use his platform to reach an audience a lot of rappers, athletes, and other celebrities aren’t used to. That’s dope .

  • AJ Singh 5 months ago


  • Mosses Tolom 5 months ago

    When you see me don’t ask me bout no Nicky

  • Ben Gallaty 5 months ago

    The difference between making a mistake and committing a crime is lost on so many. Meek really brought the eloquence to this discussion and I’m incredibly happy he can finally take his kid to Disney any time little man wants to go.

  • Ignac Pierre 5 months ago

    thumbs up on this

  • Robert Trester 5 months ago

    Thousands of people get put on probation and have no problem i dont see how this is such an accomplishment. I was on for one year did it and done and no one came up to me say great job good for you you LEARNED TO FOLLOW THE LAW. If you dont break the law you wouldn’t have trouble that simple saying well i made a mistake well NO SHIT thats why your on probation. Im so sick of these sob stories and then were supposed to congratulate them for what doing what all other law abiding citizens are doing! Give me a break!!! Im all for helping the falsely accused the people who have been wronged but if you break the law dont be surprised that you have to go through some tough shit to make up for it. OWN YOUR SHIT!!!

  • مدونه حبيب / Habib's Vlog 5 months ago

    The handshake ✊🏽

  • Vanessa Nneoma 5 months ago

    Where is Burna boy’s


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