Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on February 17, 2020

As presidential candidates continue to discuss Medicare for All, John Oliver explores how much it might cost, what it will change, and who it will help.



  • Hank THE Patriot 1 month ago

    I would gladly wait in line if it means people don’t have to ration their medications, go without seeing a doctor, or even DYING!!!

    How is this even a FUCKING DEBATE!!!

    And we are supposed to be the pinnacle of civilization?!?!?

  • angelidez13 1 month ago

    It works for a shit load of other countries so wtf wouldn’t it work for us?

  • Lord Carl 1 month ago

    Medicare for all = Will raise taxes(you have no idea how bad); Goodbye medical innovation; Socialism(Unpatriotic). There I said it.

  • Nitay Harari 1 month ago

    America is the devil! You want a good life? Go to Canada

  • Chris Welburn 1 month ago

    The NHS in the UK has it’s flaws, but you try taking it off us. Then we’ll see who needs urgent healthcare!

  • Mike Ndaba 1 month ago

    It’s been a minute there Oliver, missed you man!

  • Thomas Cullinan 1 month ago

    I have a feeling the comment section isn’t going to be pretty by morning

  • Tee Dee 1 month ago

    He’s baaaaack! And he’s a citizen now! Congratulations, John Oliver!

  • Mali C 1 month ago

    So I will take this as a Bernie 2020 endorsement since he is the only one running on Medicare for all. Thanks John Oliver 💕💞

  • Sharann 1 month ago

    Why is it so refreshing hearing basic facts

  • Hannilux 1 month ago

    USA, a third world country when it comes to health.

  • flippaton 1 month ago

    Take off weapons and give free medicare for all and maybe…. America its candidates as one of the best country of the world! Till then….

  • Nortekman 1 month ago

    Back in 2012 I went to the ER after experiencing severe back pain and blood in my urine. I arrived at the hospital at 8 pm, waited for 4 and a a half hours in the waiting area, in excruciating pain, until the doctor finally saw me at 12:30 am. It turned out to be 3 kidney stones. Oh yeah, I didn’t have insurance, so for the 1 hour treatment, which included pain medication and an x-ray, my bill was $13700. So yeah, you still have to get in line and wait.

  • DeakStarkiller1 1 month ago

    Thank you for being the only late night/media/any kind of news reporter that isn’t a corporate sleezebag sellout.

  • Adrian 1 month ago

    *Confused Norwegian noises*

  • Don M 1 month ago


  • Bill Cashion 1 month ago

    John Oliver for president! Pass the word. 🙂

  • berkeleybernie 1 month ago

    Sanders is the only candidate pursuing M4A from the start. Warren intends to try to pass a “guac on a shit sandwich” public option first, then hoping to pass M4A a few years later.

    Oliver correctly points out Pete’s #ShitSandwichWithGuac / #RatsNest4AllWhoWantIt leaves you with the same choices of how you want to get fucked.

  • Yeray Pérez Vallejo 1 month ago

    It is just SO ALIEN seeing this from Spain, where we have pretty high unemployment and poverty levels and tax evasion from the rich yet NO ONE is denied medical care on the basis of money. And we don’t even have the best social safety net in Europe! You fuckers live in a cyberpunk dystopia without the cool fluorescent fashion. Get your shit together, tax the fucking rich and stop spending a third of your federal budget on overpriced defence contracts.

  • Axelsanx 1 month ago

    Stan! Marlin Perkins stayed safely in the Landrover while Stan tackled some animal. The man was a saint with his mobile clinic.


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