Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on February 22, 2021

The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.

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  • Oh No M 1 week ago

    If you don’t know by now, it goes like this “they are not slaves, they get paid”. Your fault for supporting a system that is not even considering nature and kills everything it gets to: land, animals, people.

    It’s the same story in germany with meat workers. Same thing, same bullshit.

  • Bob Dobbz 1 week ago

    This is just Capitalism. No amount of regulation or oversight can fix it, when Capitalism *FUNDAMENTALLY* values profit over human life.

  • Drawing Ain't Easy 1 week ago

    Lolololol. I’ve worked at a Tyson plant and can tell you that they don’t give a flying fuck about a single one of their employees. Like, at all. I don’t think I ever heard a single person even suggest that the company cared about anyone that wasn’t management. Pretty much everybody thought the exact opposite.
    In fact, I’ve never worked at a company that actually cared about its employees. I mean, all of them have claimed to. But the reality is that they are genuinely surprised when you point out the low morale, constant mismanagement issues, and employees being blatantly ignored. And when these problems are actually brought to light by somebody willing to tell management that management sucks, management fires the person and then throws a pizza party and is fucking stunned when morale doesn’t improve.
    The management in this country has literally 0 leadership skills. They think they can just use their rank to order people around because of paychecks and what-not. And we wonder why all these companies just absolutely suck at moving along.

  • cleve Apollo 1 week ago

    What’s new some hypocrite libral saying meat is bad and u don’t get paid enough and he is Rich eating all and everything just pass the ubi

  • Ruben de Groot 1 week ago

    The fact that American judges uphold a waiver that was signed under immense pressure, tells you enough about the American justice system

  • QUINNCI QWOTHERS!!! 1 week ago

    For everyone planning to eat meat after this video in sorry for you, anyways I’m gonna enjoy my morning star veggie sausage now!

  • Trisha Surangana 1 week ago

    Hope you present a bit of info in about the farmers’ protests in India, if that’s ok. We need unbiased outsider objectivity on that one too.

  • M.Streicher 1 week ago

    John I have to disagree

    I quite like the foyer

  • Jessica Webb 1 week ago

    Very messed up. Maybe highlight the ridiculous amount of work and time youth social workers, case managers, floor staff in treatment facilities do and the astonishingly low amount they are paid. People working in the mental health field are often taken advantage of, underpaid, and ridiculed by other levels of the judicial system. But yet, its for the kids and we should just take it. Im sure its everyones life dream to be degraded and berated by the kids and people you work with.

  • Affaan 1 week ago

    capitalism, slavery, govt. not caring Nothing new

  • bbravoo 1 week ago

    I most countries if your company force you to sign against your rights… it is a void agreement.

  • smmydvr 1 week ago

    Yup, just another reason to say “F*CK TEXAS! Just F*CK TEXAS!!” Such a stupid place, full of people voting against their own damned interests!!! Just a ridiculous stereotype gone wrong down there, so crappy for no reason!!

  • XXOUT 1 week ago

    ‘MURICA. The greatest country in the world. The envy of the world. Loooooooooooooooooool

  • Echo Xane 1 week ago

    Oliver always talks about how unattractive or unappealing he is. If I hadn’t been cursed at birth with the wrong equipment I would have this man’s baby’s. err… assuming he agreed to it obviously c.c

    He is a treasure, he is an adorable human being, he is kind, he gives ungodly amounts of money to charity, he’s funny, and he’s cute. I honestly don’t know why he’s so down on him self but more people should tell him he is a wonderful human being and the self shaming, while endearing, is probably not healthy.

  • Tres Den 1 week ago

    Unless we make SERIOUS fucking changes this will be morr and more common. We are being nudged every day to less safety, less pay, less benefits, more hours, and lower standards. This is our current reality.

  • BPicksTV 1 week ago

    Workers have been getting shafted for so long. And they just sit and take it. Needs to be country wide workers strikes. No power to the people of the people don’t take power.

  • Ernie Llerena 1 week ago

    I thought this was comedy show.

  • Swapnil Shinde 1 week ago

    This proves that United States of America is worst like a Third World Country. Such a shit hole country.

  • gregedout 1 week ago

    This is why unions are important.

  • aweybrother 1 week ago

    Olha JBS ali…


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