Meanwhile… Walmart Wants The Keys To Your House

Published on June 12, 2019

Meanwhile… Walmart is offering a new service. And all you have to give them unlimited access to your home. #LSSC #Colbert #Meanwhile

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  • HateSolstice127 1 year ago

    As a millennial dad, I can attest to this. I saw how things turned out when my dad did it himself. Hell, I saw the great National Lampoon’s movies too.

  • Some Person 1 year ago

    Radiohead also released an album a few years back where you could pay what you saw fit to pay, maybe not the band you want to try to blackmail…

  • specialpatrolgroup92 1 year ago

    The Walmart thing would actually be really helpful for people with disabilities or very elderly.
    Also the beer thing, look up Mitchell and Webb glucozade port, it’s brilliant.

  • William Cortelyou 1 year ago

    Omfg, so true. Millennials, like myself, do call pros to fix the pipes, or car. Why you ask? Cause I remember my dad spending days cursing at anyone near by while he tried to change an engine, or paint the house. Id rather create jobs, thank you very much.

  • Shawn Birss 1 year ago

    Yeah but did you have to dunk on Walmart Workers? They are like anyone else earning a wage. Many of them are (gasp) left alone with children (maybe even their own – whoa). I mean, I know Stephen’s a Boss, but do we have to put those words in his mouth. Writers? An injury to one is an injury to all. Solidarity.

  • Wolfram Stahl 1 year ago

    Why do people make so many studies to show how millenials are worse at life than previous generations?
    Isn’t that what a new generation is about? Doing things differently, facing _new_ problems and developing a more modern skillset?

    But no, make a study trying to see if people who were taught more about DIY skills and have a little more experience because they are fucking twice as old, are better at DIY. Great, didn’t expect that outcome. at. all.

  • Alison Smith 1 year ago

    You Americans never heard of home shopping. All major supermarkets do it here in the UK, go on line pick your groceries pick a time slot that’s convenient to you and they turn up with your groceries and bring them into your house, what’s the problem,oops sorry you Americans are all terrified about home invasion and guns.

  • Lord Odysseus 1 year ago

    Yeah, I’ll pass on the Walmart thing. Thanks. I’ve seen Joe Santagato’s Walmart videos.

  • Lasnight 1 year ago

    Yes, the fact that the person entering my house while I am gone has been working for a subpar wage for at least a full year definitely sets me at ease, thank you Wallmart!

  • Rexxy 1 year ago

    The millenial dad thing just shows, that men are finally learning to ask for help when it is prudent. We can get rid of toxic masculinity *yay*

  • Wind Roos 1 year ago

    Hahaha I heart radiohead so dam much <3

  • Jan fromOz 1 year ago

    I would only let a Walmart worker into my home to deliver groceries if I’m sure they are being paid at least $28 per hour for a 40hr week. ?? Don’t bother sending a worker who is paid $11ph and getting only 15hrs per week. ???

  • Norm Landes 1 year ago

    Steven, Have you been keeping tabs on your friend, Jon Stewert? His testifying to Congress on the treatment of 911 responders was speaking truth to power in such a way that was hard to dismiss. Please have him on your show soon because both of you speak truth to power in your own ways. We need both of you, now more than ever.

  • Luqe Prisecaru 1 year ago

    the only piece of show worth watching, not containing text analysis of an illiterate con artist

  • WetBob SpongePants 1 year ago

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, The Lone Ranger not realizing Tonto had disguised himself as a door, shot off his knob!

  • George Cohn 1 year ago

    Don’t pick on baby boomers. Many of us know how to do carpentry, welding, auto and home repair, and oh yeah, we created the Internet!

  • Blak 1 year ago

    I thought about that grocery food home delivery thing long ago and how it could help with old people/others that may need it. I think that could help a lot of people 🙂

  • Andrew Faraday 1 year ago

    In related news, Baby Boomer dads are still trying to set up the printer they bought in 1982.

  • John Gibson IV 1 year ago

    Damnit now I’m hungry. Steve!!!! Tuna noodle casserole uhhh googling a recipe.

  • Mo G. 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who dislikes these Meanwhile intros? Always gotta skip them 😀 Sorry boo. Love u Colbert. <3


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