Meanwhile… These ‘GoT’ Baby Names Aren’t Aging Well

Published on May 17, 2019

Meanwhile… With ‘Game of Thrones’ taking some unexpected turns, some parents might regret naming their babies after certain characters too soon. #GoT #GameOfThrones #Colbert

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  • Ella Rose 3 months ago

    Medical scientists have ben telling surgeons it doesn’t work for years – in fact in some cases it completely destroys the ability of the penis to become erect because the cutting is done right next to crucial nerves and vessels.
    While I’m at it, getting the ‘perfect vagina’ from cosmetic surgeons is complete BS too, because they dont even operate on the vagina in the first place (so false advertising from all these exploitive plastic surgeon you tubers who advertise their practice by putting their patient’s genitals online), they operate on the tissue exterior to the vagina; also it doesn’t work because there’s no such thing as have a perfect pussy – especially if surgeons are doing this surgery on teens (the penis one too) all they’re doing is doing some fixtures for someone who’s either been abused or going into the sex industry (or both) because frankly who really gives a shit what you look like down there other than your partner? And if they care so much that they want to sacrifice your pleasure (‘vagina’ surgery can be as damaging to the clitoris and erectile tissues as female genital mutilation – an ILLEGAL practice) then they really aren’t worth being with anyway.

    … guys no matter how small it is, if u ever want to get it up again I’d keep it away from Dr BS and find yourself a real girlfriend/boyfriend who actually cares about you, your health and safety… god knows doctors don’t give a fuck about that anymore

  • Pim Smit. Atheïst. 3 months ago

    “Printing out posters… Pinecone up your ass!!!” Amazing!!!!!

  • Tsuka 2104 3 months ago

    I mentioned this as soon as the episode finished. Named after a genocidal maniac, fantastic.

  • William Cortelyou 3 months ago

    Whaaaaaat?! Penis extensions don’t work? That’s bullshit! Lemme check the one I got…

    OH NO! It’s just a skin toned clip on tie! Damn you big Penis Extension Industry! You got me!


  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation 3 months ago

    PETITION to CHANGE the name of this segment permanently to MEME-WHILE? 😉 like if you agree dislike if you disagree

  • Dr. Kaustav Nayak 3 months ago

    Dennis Rodman endorsed Trump in 2016. Is it any surprise that he is now stealing crystals? Trump after all is friends only with the best, and by best I mean both morally and literally bankrupt people.

  • gw wile 3 months ago

    Ladies…. Does the old school Porsche Penis Extender still work?

  • KingOfMadCows 3 months ago

    At least these parents will know not to ring any bells near their kids.

  • Twistshock 3 months ago

    That Danish accent was dangerously Swedish

  • Captainquak2272 3 months ago

    Yes name your child Khaleesi after
    The girl who
    Was Sold
    Was Raped
    Watched her (granted he was an asshole)brother get murdered in cold blood
    Crucifies ppl
    Burns ppl alive

    And you regret it after the latest season. Smh
    I hope your names are Dan and Dave.

  • demigodstatus 3 months ago

    I hope Kim Jong doesn’t start a war over Dennis going to jail for stealing a giant crystal.

    Wow. What universe am I in?

  • Rick_The_*ick 3 months ago

    lol The Dennis Rodman video is up,

  • India Burke 3 months ago

    ‘Their poop is redearchers bread and butter…’

  • AlmostSober 3 months ago

    Lol… Spoilers. Named your child after a woman who burned a city full of civilians because her nephew stoped sleeping with her.

  • Krafterr4 3 months ago


  • Tori Purgers 3 months ago

    Fun fact: Poop drives ecosystems everywhere.

  • Hassan Ahmad 3 months ago

    John be a dope g.o.t name for ur baby

  • Tori Purgers 3 months ago

    Also, that Danish politician is a libertarian fascist who doesn’t give five fucks for poor people or equal pay. Twat.

  • Ry Sun 3 months ago

    Those silly parents naming their boys Dickon now regret the teasing he’ll get later in life.

  • Brent Miller 3 months ago

    I named my kid “The Mountain”… little guy is such a disappointment so far…


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