Meanwhile… The NFL Is Down With Psychedelics | Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are Back

Published on August 11, 2022

Meanwhile… Stephen celebrates the return of a seasonal Oreo cookie flavor, and the National Football League will not punish players for using psychedelics like ayahuasca. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • Autum Breeze 1 year ago

    Funnily enough, I was one of those who somehow didn’t experience It’s A Small World until I was over 21, so the song isn’t a problem to me at all.

    I even have it on a Disney Song Compilation CD and Don’t mind listening to it as I go to sleep every now and then

  • Wesley Wells 1 year ago

    A bit of an overreaction to call it torture huh

  • Wesley Wells 1 year ago

    The US is getting very close to legalizing all psychedelics and I hope we do

  • Sindollx666x 1 year ago

    There’s a hilarious photo of me on its a small world when I was about 13 years old and I have this look like I’m about to cry, just utterly terrified.
    That’s coz I was with a family friend whom I was starting to realize was insane (in a bad way) she had told me it was her “favorite ride at Disney ” I remember thinking “this explains a lot,” and part way through the ride “am I going to be murdered, because I think she might be a serial killer”….
    Turns out I was right she turned out to be a total psycho. She didn’t kill anyone as far as i know, but she did pull a knife on my mom and threaten her when her daughter started calling my mom “mom” one day when they were living together mom had settled into a nice place with her in Washington state they were old pals from their time in the Navy, her daughter called my mom that because my mom who ran a day care through my childhood treated her better than her mother did, and she got jealous. She in turn called the police on my mom and said my mom pulled a knife on her kid! & then got a restraining order against my mom (who did nothing but care for her child!) and made her homeless with my severely disabled brother to care for 24/7 and me just months away from moving back in with mom after a few years living with my dad in California, the summer before I’d start high school.

  • bwtawny 1 year ago

    I want to hear the music from during the break.

  • Diandra Durand 1 year ago

    Lmao at least use Inti. Ayahuasca is from South America

  • Joni _ 1 year ago

    Walking Dead spinoff? Who the f***K wants to see that? The series has dumbed down season by season and it wasn’t that great to begin with. Norman Reedus wants to keep grunting for a pay cheque for ever?

  • tek413 1 year ago

    As far as the football thing, thats not a performance physical thing, but a metal one.
    They have helped me with my emotions and particular issues I was facing and have given me my life back. For that I’m grateful and be kind, because you don’t know whats going in in others.

  • Professor Jay Tee 1 year ago

    Nice to see Louis with his band as the regulars now. Probably John whats-his-name is just too busy now, but I for one enjoy the change.

  • Krištof Zelenka 1 year ago


  • Michael Mkerchyan 1 year ago

    *Tap phone to check time.*

    Notification: Meanwhile

    Me: “HOT DAMN!”

  • Eric Johnson 1 year ago

    Just goes to show, choose your theme park rides based on whether or not you’d mind if you got stuck. 100 ft. water slide? Uh YES PLEASE!

  • Nora Rivers 1 year ago

    Joe crushed that riff

  • TheBunnyodeath 1 year ago

    And nothing on the choco taco? Oh Stephan.

  • jpdemer5 1 year ago

    Take enough psychedelics, and you too can think that you had a great season.


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