Meanwhile… Olympic Swimmer’s Warmup Dance Goes Viral

Published on June 18, 2021

Meanwhile… Swimmer Sierra Schmidt went viral this week for her incredible dance moves. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • Nerfi Mcnerfnerf 1 year ago

    I visited a cinema in the US once. I dont know what that greasy liquid is they put on their popcorn, but it is certainly not butter.

  • NeuKids 1 year ago

    Starts at @1:35
    Thank me later

  • Jing-Shin CHANG 1 year ago

    Skip to 1:35 for actual meanwhile

  • yui yue 1 year ago

    Cheer up dance by twice

  • Iceborn 1 year ago

    It was not IKEA itself that approved the spying, it was local bosses. They are fired and will go to jail. But IKEA had to take the hit anyway. After this happened IKEA has changed the routines when they hire new employees

  • TrixiLovesYou 1 year ago

    Back to stupid shit.

  • Zaxel 1 year ago

    That was clearly some Anime dance. Considering they’re in Tokyo it also make sense she would do that.

  • francisco varela 1 year ago

    Who writes Stephen’s “Meanwhile” intro?

  • Toadcola 1 year ago

    Cheer Up, Sierra! 잘하자!
    (Stephen, they were on your show last fall..)

  • pdjhh 1 year ago

    That glider guy needs to fly through a tornado for 50 billion views.

  • James Goines 1 year ago

    Please give credit to the writers of the Meanwhile introductions.
    They write about every little detail possible.
    Oh and give credit to Stephen for living life to their words.

  • Montgomery Wenis 1 year ago

    But it wasn’t a tornado. It was just a twister cyclone. They don’t have much power at all.

  • Kris Fox 1 year ago

    “…to hang my pants” was that a sneaky way to bring politics into the paleton feature?

  • Jennifer Ariesta 1 year ago

    Cheer up baby cheer up baby

  • Linden 1 year ago

    When Stephen said “using my peloton only to hang my pants” I 100% heard it as “to hang Mike Pence”. 😐

  • Christian Ramirez 1 year ago

    If you ever want to see an athlete’s real warm up dance, check out hurdler Michelle Jenneke.

  • Kieran Clarges 1 year ago

    Why does an exercise bike need a camera and microphone?

  • Wandering Firbolg 1 year ago

    I wish Ikea would go back to their quality standards in the late 70s. My parent’s couch is made of solid wood and has lasted 42 years so far…. so a bit different than nowadays.

  • Realities in the Raw 1 year ago

    Ayahuasca slurry of news? Sonora desert? Those were not references I was expecting.


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