Meanwhile… Kids Serve Margaritas At Kindergarten | Experience Coachella Via Fortnite

Published on April 19, 2022

Meanwhile… A kindergarten class gets a head start on happy hour, and why attend Coachella in person when your Fortnite avatar can model this year’s hottest festival looks for you #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • Elated Llama 1 year ago

    That reaction to fortnite…
    There is still some hope for humanity

  • MsPrincesspaulina 1 year ago

    I skip the intro and go right to the Meanwhile.

  • AndrewVelonis 1 year ago

    Video starts at 2:42

  • A. Hunter Mebomyer 1 year ago

    what the fuck is wrong with stephens audience? its like the handlers have gotten so fucking eager that they just turn on the applause light at any silence. THere was light applause and it just grew louder and louder for NO REASON

  • Darrell Kwei 1 year ago

    For me, it’s “Sometimes, but sometimes folks”….

  • Gerard Bendotti 1 year ago

    you and your writers deserve a medal for the Meanwhile intros. seriously good. your delivery is amazing but how on earth do they come up with these! hard work and fun I suppose.

  • Karen Bennett 1 year ago

    Whoever wrote that meanwhile intro is a real foodie!

  • Dustin Sindledecker 1 year ago

    So kids can’t learn about trans people but they can serve margaritas, damn this world has gone.crazy.

  • L 1 year ago

    Abandoned 1976 Chevy Vega, no doubt abandoned because the engine melted.

  • Caro P 1 year ago

    Re:kindergarden kids drinking margs… To be fair, it’s been a rough two years.

  • Wayne Gray 1 year ago

    Meanwhile is REALLY getting irritating! I’d rather watch commercials for adult diapers!

  • Mike Hall 1 year ago

    So I’m all for it but
    What if, and this is just me spitballing
    I saw saw both at the same time?

  • wpl 1 year ago

    Those kindergarten kids got more education from that then the ones in Florida are getting.


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