Meanwhile… Ketchup-Flavored Popsicles | Dijon Mustard Price Spikes

Published on June 28, 2022

Meanwhile… Chaos reigns in the land of condiments, as Canadians are eating popsicles made with ketchup and genuine French Dijon mustard is in short supply. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • ivory7777 11 months ago

    crab trapper reminds me of that crab juice homer drank when he went to NY in one of the old episode

  • Fuby TV 11 months ago

    Toraja is not Spanish, Stephen.

  • Kelly Hayes 11 months ago

    How bout the tragedy at our bor

  • Starfals 11 months ago

    I have Mites on my face… good to know >_> The fun 2022 news keeps on rolling!

  • Lena Wagenfuehr 11 months ago

    Was the guy in the “ride the brown pony” skit the same one who yelled “and you’re paying for the door, Douche Cassidy”?

  • Gatsby Light 11 months ago

    Do mites have anuses?….
    They might.

  • Arational 11 months ago

    Mac and cheese
    Creeze deeze
    Slugs and vaseline

  • farvision 11 months ago

    There is not A cure for cancer – cancer turns out to be many diseases. We can stop some, slow others and do nothing about others. It’s very very very very very complex at the molecular level. As for mite anuses …you never know what new understanding in one field may bring in others – it may well help! For example, why don’t you puff up with all the turds? Maybe the immune system is suppressed by the mites? Maybe suppressing the immune system is how cancers sometimes work (this is known as I understand it) … so maybe the new information will help!!!

  • Chris Carroll 11 months ago

    LOL, those mites now give a whole new meaning to “A$$ FACE”…

  • speedhump231 11 months ago

    Has anyone pointed out Steve actually spends more time at his desk?

  • Skyler Dickson 11 months ago

    The soup joke was everything.

  • RainyDayLady 11 months ago

    Stop talking about stuff we can’t unhear! Mites, ugh!

  • 3dent 11 months ago

    The key to DNA sequencing and much modern biotech is enzymes of obscure sulphur-eating single-celled organisms. Sometimes you need to research that stinky muck for SCIENCE!

  • imandwihartanto 11 months ago

    Nice of you to mention Toraja Sulawesi coffee. I live in Indonesia and Sulawesi is one of 5 big islands in Indonesia.

  • deviljon 11 months ago

    We have better mustard in Canada anyway.


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