Meanwhile… J.Lo’s Booty Balm | Stephen Samples The Veltini

Published on July 27, 2022

Meanwhile… We know where Jennifer Lopez got the idea for her nude birthday photo shoot, and Stephen bravely takes a sip of Velveeta’s unforgivable spin on the dirty martini. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • Kristi Ford 1 year ago

    Painting miniatures?
    I’m in!!
    Must have own brushes, precision files, green stuff, and know how to calculate 2nd Ed THAC0.

    Let’s Geek

  • Space Force Commander 1 year ago

    Dating sober reduces Beer Goggle Shock.

  • Crypt 1 year ago

    I’m all for women dressing the way the want. But a suit jacket and a bra? Cmon bruh.

  • Björn Czaia 1 year ago

    Don’t knock hobby dates.
    I attended the wedding of a couple who met over a game of Pathfinder.

  • Bee Whistler 1 year ago

    Not sure who that is standing in with the band but I thought they were called Stay Human…

  • Juicexlx 1 year ago

    That Veltini…Why, America? Why?
    I remember trying to explain to bar tender in Kennebunkport (ME) what a Bloody Caesar was and when it came to the clam juice, his face changed to a pale blueish white of horror…But that Veltini is incredibly gross.

  • Karl Hurtig 1 year ago

    Anyone else I would have said mistake to say warcraft miniatures, for you I would say intentional mistake? Since it’s Warhammer!

  • Galaxis 1 year ago

    When that Veltini description came up, I was thinking, hey, he already did his intro monologue.

  • Drew G. 1 year ago

    Thank you for saying “revolution” the elite have been pushing a civil war narrative to keep revolution out of the zeitgeist

  • Free Ride 1 year ago

    I like how Stephen sticks it to the poor in these meanwhile openings, they’ve had it to good for too long.

  • Q Mulative 1 year ago

    First dates in Animal Crossing can be nice!

    Also how long has that alcoholic cheese-adjacent soup been sitting under the counter?

  • Michael Mkerchyan 1 year ago

    Meanwhile always breaks new ground.

  • Megan Whaley 1 year ago

    As to the Mac & cheese martini, I have never been that pregnant. And I have lots of children.

  • Scott Nightingale 1 year ago

    Keep an eye out in case Steve decides to throw a long balm


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