Meanwhile… ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Over

Published on May 21, 2019

Meanwhile… The final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is officially over, but its fanbase can’t get over how much they hated it.

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  • Missy Barbour 3 months ago

    As a Pittsburgher, you’re right, but you shouldn’t say it. Yinzer will break and bottle of Iron City over your head then stab you with it and pour Heinz in the wound.

  • Brotha in Beijing 3 months ago

    This Meanwhile, was 100% on point. Well done to the writers, and Stephen for his perfect delivery.

  • RoughneckMP 3 months ago

    2:45 Pretend you’re deaf, problem solved & money saved.

  • European Citizen 3 months ago

    No spoilers then precedes to spoil part of the show.

  • Eric Burkheimer 3 months ago

    I believe that about Brits. I watch a lot of British panel shows, and they always seem to go on talking about getting pissed as often as possible. BTW, I suggest looking up on YouTube, “The Tiger Who Went For a Pint.”

  • Andrew Roy 3 months ago

    He passed up the opportunity for a “liter” joke.

  • David Ceresa 3 months ago

    “The grooms sister in law”. Im sorry but that woman looked 78. And the bride 30 tops. Im confused about life…

  • Adrian Colley 3 months ago

    “If you have been personally affected by the issues in this episode, please call your doctor and have the dose adjusted.”

  • The little brickshack 3 months ago

    Too bad, show could have gone down in history as the greatest show ever.

  • gmoney 3 months ago

    All I know about game of thrones is that there’s a midget in there.

  • Lincoln Noronha 3 months ago

    Is that a picture of Cody from youtube channel Cody’s lab on the uber bit?!?!

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 3 months ago

    Wait until Uber offers “Executive Mode”, where you can watch Fox News (or Game Of Thrones), eat Fast Food, take off your Pants, and use the back seat as a Toilet while you tweet, and probably think about a next-gen Bullet Train entering a Tunnel at high speed while playing with Sex Toys you stole from a couple’s house in less than 40 seconds!

  • Jessica DeNittis 3 months ago

    The first 4 seconds sound like Stephen’s Obama impression.

  • Matt Carpenter 3 months ago

    Frottage ahoy!

  • A S 3 months ago

    Red wedding, Battle of the bastards and so many mesmerising characters and we get that crap ending!! So so bad. Super disappointing. Who cares about Brann? He DID NOTHING.

  • Steve Warwick 3 months ago

    The show’s over. Get over it.

  • Joshua Jung 3 months ago

    No offense, Steven, but your talents run circles around the “late night show” concept

  • Mistress Jen 3 months ago

    Ah, but if the Uber driver does that, that’s when you pull out your cellphone, find annoying videos and do a bidding war. What, you don’t want to listen to the song Friday again? OK, but it would cost you now. 😉😂

  • Paul Ramos 3 months ago

    Jackson’s LOTR >> D&D’s GoT

  • Alua Sugralimova 3 months ago

    No spoilers and then gives out everything 😂


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