Meanwhile… Drew Barrymore Loves The Rain | New Zealand’s Public Pooping Law

Published on July 20, 2022

Meanwhile… Our good friend Drew Barrymore is the most enthusiastic weather-lover we know, and New Zealand may soon update a law that allows people to defecate in public as long as no one is watching. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • Joanne Fitzpatrick 11 months ago

    The pawn shop by my house had built a coffin around Halloween so that someone could buy it as a decoration. They told me an elderly gentleman came up and bought it for himself to use, and that they were quite surprised by this as that was not their intention at all….. In fact they said it was scarier than the actual Halloween decoration

  • Charge0Complete 11 months ago


  • vashkun1 11 months ago

    Drew deserves to be happy however way she can

  • Magnus Wurzer 11 months ago

    The gross inconsistencies in volume level are more than annoying.

  • Tom Birney 11 months ago

    Irish peasants were only given 3 days off the English Lord’s estate when a parent passed. The eldest son was given an axe and only (1) bottle of alcohol to fashion from trees his deceased parent’s coffin. MEANWHILE all the other mourners could eat and drink as much as they could with the collection of mourners (family). It was the only time they were allowed off their land, it was for them a celebration of sorts (bittersweet), hence the expression “Irish Wake”. Some eldest sons, fashioned quite elaborately carved coffins over months and even years pre-dating the actual passing. All they had to do, was simply retrieve it. Which left them time to drink the additional grogs of alcohol they had squirreled away inside the beautiful coffin. Sometimes the second and third sons were sent to retrieve the Eldest son found lying “pissed” in his parent’s ornate coffin. Ah the luck of the Irish!

  • Pablo Jalapeno 11 months ago

    The whole New Zealand camping industry, brought to its knees Blackadder, by poo poo! Mehhhhhhhhhb!

  • Solarguy 11 months ago

    Drew is a true pluviophile.

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room 11 months ago

    Origami Death Carton are playing live!

  • Michael Mkerchyan 11 months ago

    Meanwhile is a real corker!

  • No Comment 11 months ago

    SIXYFive! I’M ALIVE.

  • wirehyperspace 11 months ago

    dam i was thinking about giving sea monkeys all kind of growth drugs to make a planet out in stars i can rule over, o it is this planet. well welcome to my world bitches, i know Elon Musk, you will rebel, look Elon there is a banana near the poop pod trap on a space shuttle, i know dam poop banana [ by by]

  • Tony Lee 11 months ago

    I miss the longer, word salad meanwhile intros :/

  • Charles Knowlton 11 months ago

    Yikes. Who were the writers on that segment? Brutal.

  • Pacific Blue IT 11 months ago

    @stephencolbert – FYI I always skip the unfunny Meanwhile intro – can’t stand the verbal diarrhea, not sure why you bother with it?

  • Bored At Work 11 months ago

    Dancing in the rain is life affirming.

  • Pale Blue Geek 11 months ago

    Origami death carton was funny. IMO


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